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Will Brett Favre Cry Again, I Mean Retire Again?

December 28, 2008


Another moment in the sun for Brett Favre.

Let me state first for the record I find nothing wrong with men crying.  But when a crying jag takes over a person, as it did Brett Favre during his ‘farewell from football’, and it is all rather contrived, then I have issues with it.

Brett Favre was never the iconic figure in my life that so many other Wisconsinites made him to be in theirs, during the years that he played football in Green Bay.  To be honest, the most attention I ever paid to him was during his rather bizarre retirement, and then his reversal of that decision.  He seemed detached from adulthood, and rather self-absorbed to such an extent, and in such a public way, that it forced me to follow  his story.  It was like a car crash, in that I know there is something to pity, but I still look anyway.

So today comes the annual question that feeds into the narcissistic flaw that follows Brett Favre like a shadow.  Will Favre finally retire from football? Not asked, but certainly also requiring an answer, is will he finally find the professional counseling that he needs?

Midway through the first quarter of what may be the last game of his N.F.L. career, on a second-and-6 play at midfield, Jets quarterback Brett Favre took a few steps back, leaned back on his right foot and lobbed a ball westward into the orange glow of a setting sun.

It landed in the hands of Dolphins cornerback Andre Goodman. And fans at Giants Stadium, many of them wearing Favre’s No. 4 jersey — probably purchased in the warm glow of late summer and early fall — booed.

No one is quite sure if it will stand as Favre’s 295th and final N.F.L. game, including the 22 he has started in the playoffs. He will not be in the postseason this year; Favre and the Jets fell to the Dolphins, 24-17, an emphatic thud to a long late-season fall.

Now Favre must decide, again, if he wants to play another season, and the Jets must decide whether they want him back.

And everyone else will ponder not only what the Jets and Favre, the 39-year-old quarterback with the Hall of Fame résumé, should do, but whether their union this season was a good idea in the first place.

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  1. tomjerkweed permalink
    December 31, 2008 5:28 PM

    I think the trade to the Jets worked out well for both sides. Green Bay got a 6 – 10 record and the Jets fired their head coach.

    And uh, Chad Pennington whom the Jets traded to the Dolphins to accomodate Mr. Favre was named the “Comeback QB of the Year”.

    IN the end everyone got what they asked for in a bad karma like way..

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