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Pictures: Gaza Pain Seen In Palestinian Faces

December 30, 2008






Israel has promised the world that 2009 will open with weeks of bloodshed in Gaza.  Israel has elections that need lots of political posturing, and what better way to do that than kill Palestinians?

The last picture here is one that stands out for me from this collection.  It shows the eyes of the future based on the hell they see today.  These young boys will not recall serene childhoods.  They will not be the moderate voices of the future.  And why should they be?

Gaza is a place that only gets attention now due to the excessive and outlandish military madness that Israel is creating.  The plight of those in Gaza are not front page news unless they are being killed.  That is a horrible truth that the world needs to deal with as the New Year starts, but the old ways of dealing with the poor and outcast continues.

The world needs to condemn Israel for this atrocity, and all those who support the bloodshed.

  1. Jay permalink
    January 9, 2009 11:59 PM

    One hand…no excuse for killing anyone’s children. Other hand….Palestininas need to overthrow Hamas. Israel deserves their anger, but Hamas is killing them just as much. Asking them to strap ball bearing vests on their toddlers and teen-agers should have been a hint-and-a-half that they voted no to change when they elected those neanderthals to govern them.

    They keep peace by beating people in the street like the Taliban. Then ask for support when Israel obliterates their civilians they hide in the middle of. Damn them. They will set off a mortar with a 5 yr old standing behind them without telling the child to simply…”go home”. Israelis blow up U.N. hospitals and expect Fathers and Mothers not to be angered?

    I for one am tired of this. Stop aid to Israel, Stop giving our jobs away to Arabs that come here to spit on us. Tell both sides to find a way or go away. Tell the Zionists to get a job, we’re done with the aid. Tell the Palestinians to start being good parents and telling their kids to stay away from Johnny militant. And ..”Damn it little Ahmed if I ever see you in the streets burning tires again…..”

  2. Are People Really This Stupid permalink
    December 31, 2008 5:30 AM

    “On December 30, 2008 at 2:09 pm Patrick Said:

    Isreal didn’t create this madness, the Palestinians and Hamas did.”

    Are you serious? Have you ever looked into this at all on your own? Or do you take the words of our news networks as fact? seeing how this has been going on since before hamas was born I don’t think it’s possiable for it to be Hamas’ fault. As far as blameing the palestinians goes, If you think it is wrong for a people to oppose the slaughtering of thier people on the land that rightfully belonged to them then yes you can blame the palestinians.

    This started after world war two, because America and Britan invaded palistine and took the land known as Isreal from palistine and gave it to the jews. Since then Isreal has been expanding thier country (that we stole from palistine) at the expense of palistinain lives and land.

    The reason palistinians voted for Hamas (More than once I should add since america didnt like the first outcome) is because he speaks out and is willing to stand up to the jewish problem that palistine is facing.

    you should check out this website. You might find out that the boodshed that is being protrayed against isreal is really against palistine from isreal

  3. December 30, 2008 7:05 PM

  4. Patrick permalink
    December 30, 2008 2:09 PM

    Isreal didn’t create this madness, the Palestinians and Hamas did.

    Everyone keeps mentioning the “moderate voices” of the Palestinians, but they have ever spoken so softly as to never be heard. Perhaps they should whisper in the ear of the next terrorist they see setting up a rocket launcher in the backyard.

    And to be fair, why not post some pictures of the aftermath of one of the moderate voices as it explodes in a Jerusalem market?

    Or, how about an essay on the tortured children who must endure the psychological pain of living within range of the last parcel of land the given to the Palestinians for “peace.”

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