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Al Franken Now Leads With 225 Votes..Counting Virtually Done!

January 3, 2009

Amazing.  Let us recall that Norm Coleman should never have been elected to fill Paul Wellstone’s seat.  So this news is so very sweet to hear.  But know that Norm Coleman will fight to undo the vote tallies.

Norm Coleman will seek a court to undo the vote total, as undermining the will of the people is the trend for Republicans since George Bush was selected President in 2000.

Victory in Minnesota’s drawn-out Senate race moved within Democrat Al Franken’s grasp today — when he
pushed his lead over Republican Norm Coleman to 225 votes with the two-month recount virtually done. 

Franken netted 176 votes more than Republican Norm Coleman in the review of the formerly sealed absentee ballots after coming in with a 49-vote advantage.  There were 933 ballots in the pile of ballots that didn’t get counted on Election Day. 

Unless Coleman wins a pending court petition that seeks to add hundreds more ballots to the recount, the counting is done and a state board can sign off on the result on Monday or Tuesday. An election certificate, however, can’t be issued for at least one more week under state law. 

Franken attorney Marc Elias says the candidate is confident there are no more ballots to count and the margin should stand.  But Coleman hasn’t ruled out filing a lawsuit challenging the election result, claiming there were irregulaties that gave Franken an unfair advantage.

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