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The New York Times Has Ads On Front Page!

January 5, 2009

I was not prepared for this.

A warning in advance might have been nice, just so the shock on a Monday morning coming off a long holiday period would not have been so dismaying.  But there it was in the lower portion of the newspaper, from left side to right.  An advertisement.  On top of everything else, it was in color!

Readers of  The New York Times, who have a daily ritual with the paper of record, will understand my displeasure.  Others who care less about newspapers, or the NYT in particular, will find all this just beyond there ability to care. 

Now I am aware that other papers sell such ads, and as the newspaper industry reels from the loss of revenues these types of things are necessary.  And yet I do not like it.

I still love the days when the NYT was printed in only black and white.  The very idea that color pictures were added to the paper many years ago was not something that I thought a good idea.  That places me way on the outside of the majority of readers to be sure, but gives a glimpse of how strongly I feel about the newspaper reading experience.  I know that there will be others who feel the same.  I can’t wait to read the Letters To The Editor over this move.  One thing is clear, do not tick of a loyal newspaper reader!

I think that the advertisement on the front page of the paper cheapens the look of the page, and makes the page look less serious, even though the news from Gaza dominates above the fold.


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