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Bush Trying To Enhance Legacy With Darfur Airlift

January 6, 2009

The action by President Bush in regards to Darfur this week is nothing more than a late and cynical act.  For years many around the world, including this blog, has admonished the Bush Administration for a dreadfully slow and stodgy response to the crisis in Darfur.  Talking and then rehashing the same words endlessly is not a policy.   Instead, it is an admission of an inability to act. 

But now with just days before President Bush exits the White House this brave little soldier makes a move.

Bush has ordered an immediate airlift to deliver equipment and vehicles to Darfur to assist struggling international peacekeeping efforts there.

Yes, it is the right move……but dreadfully late.

Why now?  Might it be the chance to use this token action so horribly late in his presidency to enhance his image?

Trying to build a legacy on the hellish life of those in Darfur is perhaps the final, and most repulsive insult that this man can make.

Bush even waived the needed Congressional notification of this action as he now deems it of such critical importance to proceed with at this time.

Again, I agree…….

But where in hell has this man been for at least the past five years?  What drug induced state prohibited President Bush  from seeing the plight of those living in Darfur until the last 15 days of his time in office?

To even pretend that this in some way will enhance the image of the President is a most remarkable attempt of making a silk purse out of an ass.  There was a time to act and make a real difference where history could have judged the leadership of a President against genocide.  That time has long passed. 

All that President Bush will be remembered for in history in this regard are all  the lost opportunities that could have changed the lives of those caught in the hell of Darfur.

What a shame, and an international tragedy.

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