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My OCD Could Be Worse…Really

January 6, 2009

If you are not OCD, or a lover of cars, this post will be lost on you.  (You have been warned.)  And shouldn’t OCD be spelled…CDO….just to keep things in order…….?

When I traded my car in one year ago the guys at Zimbrick in Madison asked me if I had a new engine put into my Volkswagen Beetle.  I was a bit stunned and said no, but wondered why they might have asked the question.  They responded that the engine was so clean, and did not have the usual grime that a five year-old engine would acquire.  I smiled and admitted that I keep  my car engines clean with wet wipes, and yeah….I love my car. 

Over time I have found out that the affection that I have for my car is not unusual.  When I mentioned to a couple that I name my vehicle, without batting an eye was told of the name of the car they drive.  I even discovered a guy who uses  Q-Tips to clean places on his car during the warm months to preserve the look and feel of his vehicle.   (For the record our VW Beetle  is named Azure…an Arabic word for blue.  The previous Beetle was named…well….Bailey.)

But today as I read DasAuto Magazine I discovered a whole new level of OCD…far worse than I have.

Let me say that during these months of snow and muck in Madison that James and I click our feet together to knock off snow before placing them on the floor mats when getting into the car.  I use all-weather mats, and also carpeted mats on top to both trap any moisture, and give the car the right look inside.

But then I saw and read this!


Use wet wipes to remove any snow or mud from your shoes before entering the vehicle.

We will still just click our shoes to keep the car clean, but to know that I am not alone in this love affair with neat cars is really a priceless realization.

And who said OCD was just for American made-cars?

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