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Minnesota Voters Want Senator Al Franken In Washington

January 11, 2009

Richard Nixon knew when to fold his cards in 1960, and Norm Coleman should do the same.  The voters in Minnesota have spoken.   (But then Richard Nixon had a future to worry about, whereas Norm Coleman has little place to go but back to local government, and I suspect many do not want him there either.)

Do you favor or oppose Norm Coleman’s legal challenge to Al Franken’s victory?
FAVOR: 34%

So why do Minnesotans want to move on? Probably because by an overwhelming margin they think the recount process was fair:

Which statement best reflects your point of view? The recount process has been…
…fair to both Norm Coleman and Al Franken: 63%
…mostly unfair to Norm Coleman: 17%
…mostly unfair to Al Franken: 12%

  1. Wyatt Chandler permalink
    January 14, 2009 1:35 PM

    No. This Minnesotan does not want Al Franken in the Senate, either. As a friend of mine remarked “now Minnesota is a cartoon with Peevish and Butthead in the Senate.”

  2. Allan Erickson permalink
    January 12, 2009 12:13 PM

    Agreed. It really is the business of the people of Minnesota, and from the polling I’ve seen, they want a special election, something Soros and Franken dread, and so, it won’t happen, given Dem control in that state. But as a practical matter, divorced from the ideological considerations, Franken is a thoroughly alienating figure. Once in the Senate, he will simply anger most everyone. Getting things accomplished for your constituents requires a willingness to diplomatically forge alliances, build coalitions, and compromise for the greater good, and your state’s specific projects. Franken is seeking office to glorify himself, secure retirement, promote an extreme ideology, and if possible, work for the people of Minnesota, in that order. If the voters there settle for Franken, they’ll be the big losers. The old hands in the Senate know how to marginalize a meathead.

  3. tomjerkweed permalink
    January 12, 2009 11:25 AM

    No, wait please don’t tell me. Are you saying that this a “mandate” from the people of Minnesota to send this joker to Washington?

    Al Franken was forced on the people of MN by a democratic machine that very obviously took some ideas from the Chicago model.

    Franken is an angry, sad man who will use his senate seat to reap vengence when he can on people who have sharply disagreed with him in the past.

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