Emily Mills, Madison Author Of “The Fix Up”

How often do we hear of someone who has a novel kicking around in their head?  How often do we hear that the novel has finally been written?


Often it seems I post about politicians that rankle me, or public policies that drive me to distraction.  But there are tons of things that make me smile and pleased about the world.  The latest up-beat moment was this morning when I read that a Madison blogger had written a book, and now has it ready for sale to the public.

The reason Emily Mills makes me smile is that the much publicized National Novel Writing Month is something I have long found intriguing, but never actually started myself.  Emily not only penned her first page last fall, but reached the goal of writing 50,000 words in one month.  Her efforts paid off with some editing from friends, and time spent rounding off the rough edges.  The end result is her book, “The Fix Up”.

Following the completion of the text she searched out a print-on-demand service.  As she notes this is not the route that the famous authors take to get published, but with her vibrant attitude of  “you just wait”,  I am sure her drive and spirit will get her to a publishing house someday.  Though I suspect she will one day be published in the way we are accustomed to,  she notes correctly that the whole publishing world is in a transition, and self-publishing may be the trend.

So what is her book about?

Chapel’s not having a good decade. Released from prison for a crime she doesn’t particularly want to talk about, she’s looking to lead a more normal, legal life – but life, that bastard, has a few curve balls aimed at her head.

Befriended by a couple of well-connected street punks, Chapel finds herself navigating a treacherous underworld filled with drugs, betrayal, sexual ambiguity, crime, crooked cops, and death. All she really wanted to do, though, was make rent.

 I have great respect for Emily Mills because I too have a novel kicking around in my head, with some of it in written form.   So the realization of her dream is to be applauded.  I so respect her completion of this project, and wish Emily the very best with her future times sitting in front of a  blank page….or does she write on the computer?

To read more about the book, and how you can order an autographed copy from Emily Mills please click here.

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3 thoughts on “Emily Mills, Madison Author Of “The Fix Up”

  1. as a fellow writer (and one with a novel i finally kicked out of my head), i love this story too. i’m still hoping to get published the old fashioned way, but it’s heartening to hear stories of writers bucking the system. i just read today that william p. young’s self-published novel, the shack, has sold 3.8 million copies! good luck emily mills!

  2. Thanks very much (to both of you)! I really appreciate it, and can only do my best to encourage everyone else with that novel-on-the-brain to keep at it. 🙂

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