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Happy Birthday To My Nephew Troy Curtis Humphrey

January 17, 2009

Today my nephew, Troy Curtis Humphrey, turns 37 years old.  And in keeping with this blog being political in nature, I pull out a picture from September 1992 taken minutes after we had just shaken hands with both President Bush (41), and his wife Barbara in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

We arrived a bit late, and was stuck way in the back of the crowd, but that is not where we stayed.  I pride myself at never leaving a political rally without a handshake.   On top of everything else, as my readers might assume, we were not Republicans.   As I took the lead along the perimeter rope line we edged our way through conservatives and maneuvered ourselves until we were up front along the roped section not far from the podium.  It was there we shook the hands of a president and his wife.

It was a great day, and still a great memory.


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