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My Family And Friends On Inauguration Day

January 20, 2009

Our home has been the place for many political events over the past year.  From a seemingly endless nominating process, to a dazzling national convention, and a breathtaking historic election night, this past year has been awesome to watch unfold.  James and I  have poured more cups of tea, baked scores of desserts, and shared the last year with others in our home which all resulted in some mighty kind memories to store away for a lifetime.  We have had friends come early and stay late, sharing each moment of our national journey.  We have talked about policy, and debated the political course that would best lead us to a new day in the nation. 

Even though the past year has been fascinating I can say nothing, and I repeat NOTHING compared to the emotion of watching Barack Obama take the oath of office as our 44th President of the United States.   Unlike every other event this past year, we found on Tuesday that we all stayed in the kitchen and watched TV as we gathered around the table.  So many families gather in kitchens for some of the best moments in the life of a home, and so today it seemed perfect to be gathered there.  While eating fritata and drinking tea we found a silence falling over the table as the event neared. 

As Barack Obama stood to take the oath there was a slight noise in the kitchen as each chair was pushed back and we all stood with our new President to hear his words “I, Barack Hussein Obama”.  After it was over there were tears, and each one of us hugged each person in our kitchen.  We had survived the past 8 years, and a new day had finally dawned.


With us today were a couple  from California, and local friends that make life fun to live. 


And let us recall the look of the day when history was made.


Even my outdoor friends, the morning doves, were mighty pleased today as they nestled in the pine branches.


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