BREAKING: President Obama Retakes Oath Of Office

This is one of those amazing political moments, that will provide presidential trivia in the future.  There was some concern that conservatives would try to make mischief out of the slip-up made yesterday, caused by Chief Justice Roberts when the oath was ‘scrambled’. 

President Obama retook his oath of office Wednesday after Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed while delivering it at Tuesday’s inauguration. 

Roberts administered the oath the second time as well, according to the White House

The move was aimed at dispelling any confusion that might arise from Tuesday’s take and erase any question that Obama is legally the president.

Roberts made no comment on becoming tongue-tied Tuesday.

According to the New York Times the event took place this evening.

Mr. Obama and Mr. Roberts stood in the Map Room of the White House at 7:35 p.m. and recited the oath before a small group of advisers and a handful of reporters.

Robert Gibbs, a spokesman for the White House, said the oath was re-administered out of an “abundance of caution” because a couple of words were out of place on Tuesday. The White House Counsel’s office thought the original oath was proper, Mr. Gibbs said, but Mr. Obama did a second oath anyway.

After the event was over Barack Obama was received by applasue and then said, “The bad news for the (press) pool is there’s 12 more balls.”


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Obama To Close Guantanamo Bay And End Coercive Interrogations

This is the news the world needs to hear.

Executive orders are bring drafted that President Obama will soon sign which will start the process of closing down Guantanamo Bay.  The act of defiance to both American and international law will no longer be tolerated under the new administration in Washington.  Is it any wonder that so many today are feeling that the world has turned to a new page?

The revelation coincided with a judge’s decision on Wednesday to halt the September 11 terrorism cases at the behest of President Obama. On Tuesday, he directed Defense Secretary Robert Gates to ask prosecutors to seek stays for 120 days so terrorism cases at the facility can be reviewed, according to a military official close to the proceedings.

The officials say the White House is expected to call for:

• Closing the detention facility within a year.

• A systematic review of detention policies and procedures and a review of all individual cases.

• A policy requiring the Army field manual for interrogations to apply to all people in U.S. custody. This is aimed at closing any potential loophole that might allow the CIA to engage in what many say are coercive interrogations

It was not clear who would conduct the review, although the White House, the Defense Department and the Justice Department are expected to be deeply involved, the officials said.

Charter Communications Fined For “Migrating Channels To Digital”

For those of us who deal with Charter Communications, and have lodged complaints against them, this is good news.  Not that we were not already aware of the shady business practices that Charter has long been known for, but still it is good to see the fine leveled on this business.  A business that we can only hope will go bankrupt soon so that new management can take over and perhaps make it a more pro-consumer company.

The Federal Communications Commission is fining nine cable TV operators — including Madison area provider Charter Communications — for reportedly trying to thwart its investigation of a practice in which analog channels were transferred to a more expensive digital tier, leaving some customers without access, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

In a letter to congressional leaders Monday, on his last full day in office, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said cable operators had exhibited “contempt” for the commission by not providing full information about their practices, as ordered.

“The cable operators’ refusal to provide the commission full information has delayed our investigation and inhibited our ability to examine allegations” stemming from nearly 600 complaints, he told the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

In October, the FCC asked 13 cable operators to provide more information on their practice of migrating channels to digital. The agency was concerned that customers who subscribe to less expensive tiers of analog service, such as basic cable, will have access to fewer channels because some have been moved to the digital lineup, even as those subscribers’ bills continued to rise.

Cable companies want to move analog channels to digital to free up bandwidth so they have more room to add high-definition channels and other content. It is not related to the national switch to digital broadcasting.

The FCC said most of the cable companies it fined had provided incomplete or evasive answers, or even refused to answer some questions.

How White House Press Office Opened On Day One

This is just fun, and interests me, so here goes.

President Obama reported to work at 8:35 a.m. on Wednesday, walking into the Oval Office for the first time as the nation’s chief executive. Jeff Zeleny is following Mr. Obama’s first day on the job.

The lower press office on the first floor of the West Wing was locked until about 9 a.m., when Bill Burton, a deputy White House press secretary opened the doors. He sat in the office alone as a line of reporters waited for any morsel of information about the president’s day.

“If you guys give me 15 minutes, I will send something out,” said Mr. Burton, who wore a patient smile as he greeted a new correspondent from French TV and shook hands with veteran reporters like Ann Compton from ABC News who dropped by to say hello.

Fresh coats of paint – a buttery yellow – are covering the walls in some of the West Wing offices. The computers are freshly cleaned. (No, the “Os” are not missing from the keyboards.) And new members of the Obama administration are still trying to make it through security, even as others arrive with a few boxes and things for their desks.

“Welcome,” reads a red note card – with the presidential seal – that is placed on the computers. “For assistance with facility service issues, office layout and furniture please contact the Facilities Management Office.”

The new offices are designated not by nameplates, but by pieces of paper taped to the outside of the doors. The people who will be speaking for the president, who work in a small office just outside the press briefing room, include: Bill Burton, Josh Earnest, Jen Psaki, Tommy Vietor, Reid Cherlin, Ben LaBolt and Nick Shapiro.

At 9:46 a.m., another reporter walked into the press office.

“Good morning,” Mr. Burton said.

“I came to introduce myself,” the woman said. “I’m Helen Thomas.”

USA Newspaper Front Pages Showcase Barack Obama Inauguration









Front Pages Of World Newspapers Cover Obama Inauguration

These are just spectacular!

We start from Spain, with what I consider my favorite.  The Bible shown was used by Abe Lincoln in 1861 when he also took the oath of office.


From South Africa


From Belguim


From Israel


From Germany


From Namibia


United States Of Obama

This may be the most interesting newspaper cover I have yet found regarding the Barack Obama phenomenon.  This paper comes from Germany.