Watch “On Board Air Force One” This Weekend


I am really excited about this National Geographic TV special which will air this weekend.  While there have been other specials that that have allowed access to AirForce One, the advance word on this latest documentary makes it out to be truly remarkable.  (As have the promos!)

The National Geographic has produced an all-access documentary that follows the former President across the Middle East. Viewers will journey inside the most secure aircraft in the world, Air Force One, as it carries the President through the confusion and terror of 9/11, a secret mission into Baghdad and a whirlwind diplomatic mission through the Middle East.

With unprecedented access, National Geographic will introduce viewers to the presidential pilot and the crew charged with operating this global command center in the sky.

The advance word is that it also shows footage from Inauguration Day, and President Bush’s trip back to Texas.

The show will air on the National Geographic Channel Sunday at 8/7c.  For Madison, Wisconsin readers with cable TV that is Channel 52 on the Charter system.

Below is a teaser from another documentary about Air Force One……presented here just to wet your appetite for Sunday!

Saturday Song: 16-Year-Old Fabian “Turn Me Loose”

This is so classic in so many ways.

First, we have Dick Clark in the 1950’s doing what he did so well.

Second, we have an audience of clean cut teenagers with suits and ties, dresses and bobby-socks.

And third we have the 16-year-old Fabian that is so calm and cool as he takes the stage.

If this was not a real show one might think it was a stage set for a movie.  As I said, this is a classic.

Rod Blagojevich On National TV Monday

Cheap theatre.  But you must admit this political story is amazing.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will give his first national television appearances exclusively to ABC. On Monday, January 26th, he will be live on ABC News’ Good Morning America – the day his impeachment trial begins in his home state. Following his interview with GMA, Blagojevich will appear live on ABC’s ‘The View’. He will also be joined by his wife Patricia.”