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The Map GOP Doesn’t Want You To See

January 29, 2009

The Republican Party is playing a game that very well may backfire.  By snubbing President Obama, and the economic stimulus plan, the GOP is showing that being obstructionist is the only game left for them to play.  The voters elected men and women last November in order to chart a new direction for the country.  To pretend it did not happen by distorting and manipualting  the stimulus bill for Republican political purposes is filled with pitfalls.  Let Rush Limbaugh lead the Republican Party, but the nation will be led by Democrats.


Given last night’s House Republican vote, as well as tomorrow’s RNC chair contest and even the recent GOP fealty to Rush Limbaugh, it’s worth pointing out that the Republican Party is about as unpopular now as the president who just left office. In addition to December’s NBC/WSJ poll, which showed that only 27% of the country viewed the GOP favorably (versus 49% who said that about the Dem Party), a new Gallup analysis of the 350,000 interviews it conducted in 2008 finds the Democratic Party leading in every state in the nation except in Alabama, Kansas, Nebraska, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. (That’s right, even in some states McCain carried like Texas and Georgia, voters identify more with the Dem Party than the GOP.) Gallup summed up it up this way: “The political landscape of the United States has clearly shifted in the Democratic direction… As recently as 2002, a majority of states were Republican in orientation. By 2005, movement in the Democratic direction was becoming apparent, and this continued in 2006. That dramatic turnaround is clearly an outgrowth of Americans’ dissatisfaction with the way the Republicans (in particular, President George W. Bush) governed the country.”

  1. Kelli permalink
    February 2, 2009 10:53 AM

    Perhaps the GOP is actually opposed to the ridiculous amounts of pork in this astonomical plan to “bail us out.” Incidentally, the way the plan is set up, we won’t see many of the benefits of said plan for at least two years.


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