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Does Sarah Palin Read ‘Caffeinated Politics’?

February 2, 2009

After I read this…..

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) traveled 4,500 miles to Washington, D.C. this weekend, but CNNnotes “it’s what’s missing from Palin’s schedule that is causing more than a few heads to turn. In a city that is ground-zero for national political journalists, Palin has not scheduled a single media interview or indicated she will hold a press conference.”

I thought perhaps she had read this…..

But from a professional PR point of view this is not the time for Sarah Palin to keep talking.  She should stay low and find the time down the road to again inject herself into national politics, if that is what she thinks America deserves.

Until then she needs to put a cork in her mouth.

Or is Sarah Palin  just a media whore who can not give up the bright lights that shined during the last campaign?

I am sure Sarah Palin is reading this, as she reads “all the publications”, and has told us they have the internet in Alaska too!

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  1. February 3, 2009 4:18 PM

    Instead of having two blogs you might suggest there be two bloggers!!

    Yesterday I placed five posts on this site. There are only so many minutes a day I can devote to my blog. There are others things to do in my day.

    First, I have been on the Blogo story, and feel that I have been rather tough on him.

    Second, I was going to post today a peice that suggested Daschle resign….but I was going to do that after getting a free grand slam at Denny’s…..but by the time I was finished with that he had already resigned.

    I have taken on Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor over issues, and tackled both Bill and Hillary Clinton on this site. I have had words about Howard Dean, and told Jesse Jackson to shup up. To pretend that I do not rankle it up on both sides is not fair to say. Worse, it just is not true.

    I dish it out for both sides, but there is only so much time in a day for blogging.

    Now as to Sarah Palin…….she is a gift…..and I never return gifts to the store. And you will note with the latest Palin story I agreed with her actions to stay quiet. Seems I do not get credit from you even when I am nice to the great white hunter of the tundra.

  2. tomjerkweed permalink
    February 3, 2009 2:05 PM

    In WordPress, there is a feature where you can create separate blogs. I can you should consider using it. Title the blog it “Why Sarah Palin Sucks” and dump all of your bile and frustration with her there. It is interesting that if Sarah Palin takes a dump in the forest or changes her shoes or does some kind of faux pas you are all over it. But yet we have a Democrat fool ex-Governor running around on every media outlet saying how he was lynched in a unanimous vote to remove him from office. We have Democrats trying to get positions in Obama’s cabinet with a myriad of tax problems, not just a one time problem, a many time thing. Though I understand Tom Daschle just withdrew his name. If George W Bush nominated a Tom Daschle type for a cabinet position, your blog would be all over it. Where is the coverage of these Democrat faux paus in Caffeinated Politics? Answer none, zip, zero, nada. If a Democrat is involved in a mess forget it. You are on to the next Sarah Palin mistake.

  3. Deo permalink
    February 3, 2009 6:04 AM

    Yup, Sarah reads ALL OF EM!!!!

    Use your trusty search engine for the word PALINESQUE. A word which has entered our culture meaning INCURIOUS, VERBALLY CHALLENGED and BACKWARDS. Maybe that´s why her new handlers have told Palin to shut TF up!
    Damage done.

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