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“The Episconixonian” Smart, Snappy, Conservative Blog Worth A Read

February 18, 2009

Readers will find a new link on my blogroll for a conservative site that is way above most of the blogs on the internet.  It is smart, snappy, and written by John Taylor , once a part of the Richard Nixon Library,  and its website.  I do not know Taylor personally, but have followed his composure and decorum over the years online.  From way across the  super information highway I could tell that Taylor was not a flame-thrower, but instead a strongly opinionated person with a deeply respectful interior.  Not  a bad combination in this time of highly charged and mean-spirited partisans.  So it did not surprise me when he left the Nixon Library for the priesthood.  I guess after all these years I had hoped that when I finally made it to the Richard Nixon Library that I would finally meet him.  He is obviously smart, and steeped in history.   That meeting will not happen now. 

Still it is my pleasure to link to The Episconixonian.  I wish him all the best on his new path, and with his blog.

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