Youth Rifles…In Pink…Showcase Our Sick Society

There are times when I truly wonder what is happening to our country.

Such a moment occurred this morning from the news when I found out that there are youth rifles that are manufactured for the small frames of children.  WTF!

As I type this I am still stunned to know this is indeed a fact.  For whatever reason, I had assumed that a person started using a regular-sized rifle for hunting when that person’s body grew to the size where the butt of the rifle against the shoulder would match with the ability to hold and fire the weapon.  And might I add, that with the growth of the body hopefully comes the maturity and reason that needs to be used with a deadly weapon of this type.

But no!  That would all make too much common sense….and God forbid that any of that be used when dealing with the fanatical NRA.

‘Thankfully’ we now have manufacturers that pump out children’s weapons designed for that young person who wants to go wild boar hunting, or who needs to slay someone.  We all know a kid would not want to have just any old run-of-the-mill style rifle to kill the beast or commit the murder.  I mean how embarrassing to talk trash with your buddies about what ‘went down’, and need to admit it all happened with just a ‘plain jane’ of a weapon.  What any fashionable and trendy kid needs are a designer model.  How ’bout pink!


I am honest here…..this is really very troubling to see and read about.

The fact that we are talking about a lethal weapon placed into the hands of a child, with the ‘sensibilities’ of a child, is ridiculous.  The first thing that needs to be done is to hold these ‘mock parents’  accountable for providing their children with these weapons.  Real parents understand the limitations of children to be responsible for little decisions, let alone the ramifications of a loaded deadly weapon.  Be around a kid for any period of time and it is clear why giving a rifle as a present is stupid.  Parents of children who are given weapons that are used in a crime need to have tough laws on the books to show that as a society we do not tolerate their lack of parenting skills.

The second thing we need to do is prohibit these greedy bastards of gun manufacturers from making money off such a grimy practice of making a product of this type for kids.  How do these slimy folks look in the mirror after reading the following?

An 11-year-old boy shot his father’s pregnant girlfriend in the back of the head while she was lying in bed in their western Pennsylvania farmhouse, then got on the school bus and went to school, authorities said Saturday.

She saw him with what she believed to be a shotgun and heard a loud bang,” Bongivengo said, adding that the weapon, a youth model 20-gauge shotgun, was found in what police believed was the boy’s bedroom.

The shotgun, which apparently belonged to Brown, is designed for children and such weapons do not have to be registered, Bongivengo said.

12 thoughts on “Youth Rifles…In Pink…Showcase Our Sick Society

  1. The problem isn’t that the gun was designed for children, nor that such guns do not need to be registered. The problem is that the child was allowed to have access to the gun without adult supervision. Responsible gun owners keep weapons and ammo locked up; even if they trust their own children, they cannot trust their children’s friends.

    I do not believe it is wrong for parents to teach their children to shoot guns and hunt under proper, controlled conditions. Nor do I think it is wrong for guns to be made small enough for children to safely handle them. However, even those guns should never be left in the children’s keeping when the parents are not directly supervising.

    My in-laws are gun nuts who bought one of those pink plastic-stocked rifles for their infant granddaughter. A family friend mockingly refers to it as “the Barbie rifle.” It will never go to its intended recipient, even when she has reached the requisite nine years of age, since her parents do not approve of guns.

    If you buy a .22 rifle with a pink plastic stock as a baby gift, you just might be a redneck.

    1. Danny

      Do we teach our children to ride a bike or rollerskate at adult hood?

      What about swimming? many children have died from this, should we wait till the age of 13,14,15? you tell me.

      The fact is, you yourself do not approve of firearms, This is O.K.,this your right.

      The gun nuts or gun lovers, what ever you want to call us have a right to pass on the traditions we were so lucky to recieve from our families. Is there a huge problem when kids are getting killed with a firearm with a swimming pool with a bicycle? absolutely,I say hold the parents acountable. Don’t take away our swimming pools,bicycles and firearms because of this handfull of parent’s that have failed there children.

      Dekerivers, Do you have any children? I doupt you yourself have ever spent time with children other than that 5min wait in line at the local grocery store. Teach a child respect and responsability and they will have it.

      Remember,firearms don’t kill…Ignorance kills.

      P.S. Why would it matter if the shotgun was registered??

  2. David

    Let’s look at the story above. Why is it that we even hear about this story? Because it’s news worthy. We always hear about these stories. We never hear about the billions, yes billions, of instances where a parent and a child go out for a fun day of shooting. Not very news worthy is it? I am in no way saying that these situations are right and we should work diligently to ensure they don’t happen. Even one is to many!!!!

    These guns should not be a first step for kids, kid size BB guns are with adult supervision. Then progressively step up to larger calibers as they demonstrate the maturity and ability to handle these weapons.

    This is strictly my opinion but I feel that many accidents happen because people try to hide weapons from kids. Then they find it and they are curious. Curiosity killed the cat, take away the curiosity and show the weapons to them explain what they are and what they do. It is our job as parents to teach our kids about the dangers in the world.

    As far as other kids coming into the house and finding them it has to be clear with your kids that no one but you touches the weapons. If anyone else touches them they are to tell you. Kids love to tell on other kids.

  3. Tdog

    Dekerivers why dont u see that it the parents fault for letting the kid ahave the gun by himself anyway gosh i go hunting with my dad all the time and its fun so just remember that next time u say stuff like that as long as a kid knows how AND WHEN!!!!! to use them it will be fun im not saying teach ur kid how to use them then let him do wat ever teach them how and work and supervise them

    1. David

      Define killing; people or animals. Killing people without a really good reason I think most of us will agree is wrong. Killing animals for food is part of the intended life cycle. Unless you are a vegetarian the killing of animals is where you get your basic life needs (nurishment). Just because you don’t have to go out and kill it yourself doesn’t change the fact that an animal gave it’s life for you, the way it was intended. It doesn’t make it wrong it makes you and I spoiled.

  4. wally

    Ok…I’ve got to weigh in on this one…Several incorrect assumptions in this story….First of all,the hysterical “doesn’t
    have to be registered” comment is bogus…Any firearm purchased from a store is registered to the person paying for it, at least at the national level, as per the background check. The fact that it is a “youth gun”, or that it’s pink, doesn’t preclude or exempt it from the required registration. Next, I see you took the opportunity to try to slam the NRA over the issue. They don’t promote “pink guns, or “kids” guns…These come from the various manufacturers…The NRA DOES however promote safe and responsible gun ownership, handling, and storage. I see from the few responses at this point, that at least all of the readers are not “gun-a-phobes”…Some of these show good common sense logic, like teaching young people about firearms at an early age, and to respect them. As proven by many various studies(having no relation or connection to the NRA), a person who is taught at an early age to understand the dangers, and who is taught about safe and responsible handling, and is taught how to properly use a firearm for the particular purpose for which it is designed, is far less likely to be a danger to themselves or others.
    Having said all of that, I will say however that while gun ownership may be a legal “right”, gun ownership may not be RIGHT for everyone. While I may staunchly defend the 2nd amendment, there is a requirement that comes with it.
    RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERSHIP is the key…If a person is going to own a firearm, for whatever purpose(self-defense, hunting, sport shooting, whatever), they need to be responsible, and practice with it so that they know it inside and out. They also need to know how to maintain it, so that it works properly, as well as how to safely secure and store it.
    Now for the touchy part…Yes, I feel that responsible gun owners need to teach their families about all of these things at an early age…when they show themselves ready. I started my son and daughter at about 8 and 7, respectively. We started with BB guns, and we drilled on safety first, and then marksmanship. Safety was, and is still
    paramount, and number#1…in my philosophy. I own various firearms…handguns and long guns, for various reasons and purposes.
    My son, now grown and with a large family of his own, has followed in the same way. He is watching his boys, and when he feels the time is right, he will start them with BB guns, and training…Our daughter is grown, married, and has children. She, however, has no real desire to pursue the experience any further. That’s fine with me…Her husband
    has expressed a slight interest in learning about firearms, but I’m not pressing that. If in time it happens, so be it…I’ll be there to teach safety, responsibility, properly handling, storage, and marksmanship.
    One thing I know, and that I can take comfort in, is the knowlege that I have passed on vital instruction…My kids can safely handle and properly utilize firearms, whether they choose to or not, and they are not a hazard to others if they choose to. A heritage has been passed on, and now it’s up to them to pass it on, if they choose to do so.
    So, rather than get hysterical over a short “pink” rifle, realize that some people out there are properly instructing
    others about firearms, and making the environment a little SAFER…These young people who are properly trained are not the little punk “gang-bangers”, or the ones shooting up schools…You have to wonder…if those “bad” kids we hear about would have had someone spend time with them, and teach them the importance of RESPONSIBLE and
    SAFE firearms training, maybe we would have never known their names.

  5. wally

    One thing we have to note here, is that “children” are not buying these guns…adults are. These obviously are not very
    “RESPONSIBLE” adults. They weren’t responsible enough to teach safety, or practice safety. A firearm should never be accesible to a child…EVER. It doesn’t matter if it’s a handgun, rifle, or shotgun…Lock it up! A gun is no more dangerous because it’s black, or because it has a wood stock, or a “pink” stock, a long or a shorter “youth” stock. Children do stupid things, and sadly enough, it’s because they see adults do stupid things. An apple doesn’t usually fall very far from the tree. This logic doesn’t apply only to firearms, however. What about knives? Bicycles? Cars? Hmmmmm…
    We have to know the child is ready, before we turn them loose with anything…How do we know they are ready??? we have to spend time with them…instruct them.
    Lori, I have to disagree with your view on giving a child a gun, and creating a desensitivity, and causing them to not value life. I might agree somewhat, if you said that about someone who gave a child a gun, turned them loose to shoot it whenever, and however they wanted, with no training. The opposite can be achieved, however, when they learn that there is “no calling back that bullet”, once it’s fired, and if you show them the effects of a bullets impact on various objects. Hunting for food is a requirement, is some areas of our society, whether we agree or respect that or not.
    A firearm is a tool…not a killer…it takes someone to pull the trigger to make a bullet leave the gun. So, don’t we want whoever is holding that gun to be properly trained…? That’s part of the responsibility factor of owning firearms. This is what the NRA encourages…I have to appreciate that fact. In a “Eutopic society”, free of all weapons, where we can “visualize world peace”, and where your “Kharma” determines how you are treated(ha-ha),
    in other words, a non-existant world, this might work. But, this is the real world, with bad people, and bad intentions.
    Guns are here, and will be, so let’s realize that guns aren’t bad, people are bad…and let’s not get so excited about young people learning to shoot firearms. I’m grateful for those who are willing to pass on their heritage, and those who are willing to properly pass it on…teaching safety first.

    1. wally

      Ordinary Jill said:
      “My in-laws are gun nuts who bought one of those pink plastic-stocked rifles for their infant granddaughter. A family friend mockingly refers to it as “the Barbie rifle.” It will never go to its intended recipient, even when she has reached the requisite nine years of age, since her parents do not approve of guns.

      If you buy a .22 rifle with a pink plastic stock as a baby gift, you just might be a redneck.”

      Gee…that’s too bad that she won’t get the rifle, or have someone teach her about safety/marksmanship…I bet someone in the family will come along, and “take it off their hands” for them… I’m glad I didn’t get my daughter
      one of those “pink plastic stock” redneck rifles… I splurged, spent the extra money, and got the nicer wooden stock…
      Still in pink of course…

  6. wally

    Maybe this will cast a little different light on kids and guns, etc…


  7. chris

    This is typical liberal drool.Anyone who has read it is stupider for doing so. You are obviously a gun grabbing liberal who has no regard for anybody’s freedom to live as they wish. People who buy these rifles for their young generally don’t hand them a box of shells and a bottle of whiskey with the gun. Please don’t procreate-you are part of the problem in this world.

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