Dismay Over Rod Blagojevich Book Deal

This morning I did a quick scan of all the texts on my bookshelves and confirmed what I thought to be true.  I have no book written by a scoundrel.  I have books about Stalin, Hitler and confederates, but they were all written by historians.  I also confirmed that for all the love I have for reading books, and all the joy that politics provides me, I have no current books by those who just left the stage.  After all,  wasn’t I just reading the first accounts of history in the morning newspapers?  I like to let the recent past ‘jell’ before I start to read retrospectives of it.

Which brings me to the truly disheartening news that former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has sealed a six-figure book deal.  The fact that he has no other claim to fame than being a corrupt politician should not be a reason that a publishing company antes up a fat check for his tale.   While he did a few things with health care that were creative and useful, they alone do not rise to the level of warranting a book deal.

Instead what the publishers hope for is access to the craven dark inner recesses of  Blagojevich’s mind.   My first reaction is do we really want to know how he ticks?   My second one is that nothing he writes will be forthcoming and honest anyway.  This book by Blagojevich will be another narcissistic attempt at buying his way into the public arena again.  After all, once the book is published there will be a flurry of interviews and TV appearances where he can again try to sell his snake oil style of politics.

But what bugs me most of all is that in this day and age when publishers feel the brunt end of the economic pinch, I know for a fact they do not extend themselves to any book venture without the knowledge that the book buying public (what is left of it) will lay out cash for the final product.  Are there that many desperate souls for a read in America that they would find the Rod Blagojevich book entertaining and enlightening?

Surely my fellow Americans can find something better to think about as a read than a book penned by Rod Blagojevich.

One thought on “Dismay Over Rod Blagojevich Book Deal

  1. Tom Canton

    I really don’t want to know anything about the “craven dark inner recesses” of Blago’s anything. Yuck!!!

    As far as I am concerned anything beyond “Hi, my name is Rod Blagojevich” is too much information from the guy.

    Kind of compare this book idea to OJ’s book “If I Did It”.

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