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Picture: Snow Blossoms Bloom, First Flowers Provide Hope On Madison Isthmus

March 7, 2009

Take cheer from the little things!

As I write this post the weather bug on my computer is flashing, alerting me to a winter storm watch for Sunday afternoon.  Grr…..!

So to combat the notion that ole man winter is welcome any longer this season I went for a spring-like walk.  Granted it felt mighty damp and cool outside, but there needs to be a firm demarcation line with winter, and I thought I should set it today.

It was while outside that our neighbors, Bob and Ellie, came back from a short walk with binoculars in hand after looking at birds over Lake Monona.  “Have you seen our Snow Blossoms?” they asked.  Hardly believing that any flower could be up just yet, I said no.  We walked under a pine tree and there Ellie pointed to the short stems, along with white blooms that had shuttered during the rain.   Snow Blossoms arrive shortly before the crocuses start popping out of the ground.

Ellie reminded me that these flowers are things that give us hope spring is truly around the corner.

Those are words we all need to hear as more snow is in the forecast. Did I mention Grr……?

Now to the pictures.  The lighting was not the best, and my angle was perhaps even worse……but it is heartening to see the blooms all the same.



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  1. Beth permalink
    March 16, 2009 7:50 PM

    Hi! I’m wondering if there’s another name for the “snow flowers” pictured. I’m quite sure I found some this week, but cannot seem to find them in my eastern wildflower guide or online. Thanks for you help, and for posting the photos!

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