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Is Wisconsin Governor Doyle Listening?

March 9, 2009

One has to wonder if the love of power has started to effect Governor Doyle’s  reasoning when it comes to his contention that the Executive Branch should appoint the head of the DNR.  It is too bad that Governor Doyle failed to grasp the widespread support in the Wisconsin State Legislature, and around the state, for allowing the  Natural Resources Board to conduct this business.  If Doyle is smart he will find a nice way to back-track and welcome this bill on his desk, and then seek ways to kiss some backside to make amends for really pissing off a lot of us who thought he made a commitment on this matter….not once….but twice… when he sought our votes.

This is one of those matters that is black and white, and with the widespread support for the board to have this authority one has to wonder what possessed the Governor to get so side-tracked, and on the wrong side of the issue.

Get your pen ready Governor, the bill giving authority to the Natural Resources Board to name the secretary will soon be on its way.  Only question is what side of  public opinion do you wish to stand.  With us, or against us.  2010 is nearing……..

State Rep. Spencer Black (D-Madison) said Monday that majorities of both the Assembly and Senate have agreed to co-sponsor his bill that would restore the authority of the state Natural Resources Board to name the secretary of the Department of Natural Resources.

Black said 51 members of the 99-member Assembly – 38 Democrats and 13 Republicans – have agreed to sponsor his bill that would reverse the 1995 decision by then-Republican Gov. Tommy G. Thompson, and Republicans who then controlled the Legislature, to give appointing power to the governor. That change ended a policy that had existed for 67 years, Black added.

In the Senate, 14 Democrats and three Republicans – a majority of the 33 senators – also are backing the change, led in that house by Sens. Robert Wirch (D-Kenosha) and Rob Cowles (R-Green Bay).

“I can’t recall a time when a controversial bill had this many co-sponsors,” Black said in a statement. “This unprecedented strong and bipartisan support shows how important the independence of the DNR is to the citizens of the state.”

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  1. elizabeth permalink
    April 15, 2009 12:31 PM

    Governor Doyle lets start working for the people because you were elected to do the right thing for the people.But what are you doing taxing us people to death.All the jobs that have been lost,home forcloseures,businesses. You were voted in and you turned and lied to us.Are you listening to the people today at all the tea parties if not its your loss.We dont want bigger goverment. t We are fed up whats going on on noone wants bigger goverment

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