Pictures Of Lake Monona Ice Melting Creating Sights And Sounds

Mother Nature put on an event Monday on Madison’s Lake Monona, and one of the prime locations to witness it was on John Nolen Avenue.    Those in the cars and buses that whizzed along probably missed the event, but bikers and walkers not only saw it, but heard it.   After a very long and cold winter the thick ice on Lake Monona gave way to spring.  But not without a spectacular exit.

The crunching, cracking, and tingling sounds of Lake Monona ice lifting up and over ice debris, pushing and groaning its way up over the rocks on the shore, and even far up onto the grassy area proved the power of water, regardless of the form it takes.   I took my camera down and snapped some photos, but they still fail to take in the moment as I felt it.    The ice shown are all in pieces that are hand-sized. 

If one ever asks what makes me smile, well… is times like this.  I hope you enjoy the shots.






Don’t these last three pictures look like a grade-B science fiction film (cue the scary music ‘dumtadumtadumtadumtadum’) of the ice monster crawling out of the water to………..


…grab the innocent biker…………


…or the unsuspecting motorist.

3 thoughts on “Pictures Of Lake Monona Ice Melting Creating Sights And Sounds

  1. Uncle Dick

    Greg: only those who have their eyes open see the wonders around us every day. Now, think about your ears, your lungs, your liver, etc. We are BLESSED!

    I’m borrowing a snowbird’s broadband these days so I went to your site. Unfortunately, they will go back to Oregon in a month.

  2. Hi,

    i had the extraordinary experience to listen to the tingling sounds of melting ice in a German sea. I sounded like very small glass bells, but much more fine. This was three years ago. Meanwhile i wanted to record these special sounds, but had to see, that only very special conditions bring these fine sounds i remember. Since i am composer and want to have this nature sound in a new piece, i ask whether by chance You have recorded the tingling sounds You mentioned with Your photos. You had exact the same weather conditions necessary for this sound. Or do You know maybe somebody who recorded such sounds.

    best regards


    1. No, I did not record the sounds, but agree with you that they are a wonderful experience that others should hear. And how creative you must be to incorporate such sounds of nature into your composition.

      Feel free to contact me when you have it finished, and I will write about it, and get you a bit of free promotion.

      All the best to you!


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