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How Many Arcade Tokens Did The Wisconsin DOT Get?

March 24, 2009

As Nancy Grace would say, “Oh, Lordy!”

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation bought an adult store for $1.4 million in order to make way for the reconstruction of North Washburn Street.

The agency bought Supreme Video, 945 N. Washburn St., in January after several years of unsuccessful negotiations to relocate the store. Demolition of the property is expected to begin in April. The purchase included the property and the business, which included video booths, which had posed a major challenge to efforts to relocate the business.

Oshkosh Director of Planning Services Darryn Burich said city ordinances require such video booths to be more than 500 feet from a residence, church, day care center or other similar location. The ordinance made it impossible for the state to relocate the business elsewhere in the U.S. Highway 41 corridor.

“If they could’ve just relocated, it wouldn’t have cost that much,” Burich said. “It would’ve been closer to the property’s assessed value (of $348,700).”

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