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What Does Baltimore Sun, The Hindustan Times, And Le Monde Have In Common?

March 24, 2009

An Op-Ed piece from the President of the United States was placed in 30 newspapers around the world.

1. Al Watan (Gulf States)

2. Arab Times (Gulf States)

3. Asharq Al Awsat (Arab-wide paper in Arabic)

4. The Australian (Australia)

5. Baltimore Sun (United States)

6. Bangkok Post (Thailand)

7. Chicago Tribune (United States)

8. Clarin (Argentina)

9. Corriere della Sera (Italy)

10. Die Welt (Germany)

11. El Pais (Madrid)

12. El Mercurio (Chile)

13. Eleftyropiea (Greece)

14. Estado de Sao Paulo (Brazil)

15. Gulf News (Gulf States)

16. The Hindustan Times/ The Hindu (India)

17. International Herald Tribune (London)

18. Kristeligt Dagblad (Denmark)

19. Le Monde (Paris)

20. Lidove Noviny (Czech)

21. Los Angeles Times (United States)

22. The News (Pakistan)

23. NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands)

24. Saudi Gazette (Saudi Arabia)

25. South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

26. Straits Times (Singapore)

27. Sunday Times (South Africa)

28. Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)

29. Syndey Morning Herald (Australia)

30. WProst (Poland)

31. Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan)

This way to connect with the world is rather awesome.

All of our financial institutions — on Wall Street and around the globe — need strong oversight and common- sense rules. All markets should have standards for stability and a mechanism for disclosure. A strong framework of capital requirements should protect against future crises. We must crack down on offshore tax havens and money laundering. Rigorous transparency and accountability must check abuse, and the days of out-of-control compensation must end. Instead of patchwork efforts that enable a race to the bottom, we must provide the clear incentives for good behavior that foster a race to the top.

I know that America bears its share of responsibility for the mess that we all face. But I also know that we need not choose between a chaotic and unforgiving capitalism and an oppressive government-run economy. That is a false choice that will not serve our people or any people.

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  1. Thomas J Canton permalink
    March 24, 2009 3:33 PM

    The Messiah speaks. Here is what is going to happen at the G20 summit. Everyone will agree we are in a world wide recession. They will forgive the African debt of the dictators who took the money to begin with. Obama will come home to the Good ‘Ol USA and start pep talks on how we need to spend, spend, spend and get us more into debt. La..La..La.. Same old song and dance. Here’s an idea Mr Messiah, Sir how about encouraging people to throw away their credit cards, use debit cards and buy what they can afford. Instead of buying that new $50,000 loaded to the hilt Cadillac Escalade at the dealership buy a three year old Toyota Camry at Carmax and pay cash.. Then Mr. President you can explain to my children that they are going to pay for your $1 Trillion spending like a drunk sailor yearly deficits from the time they work until the Lord calls them home and if they are really lucky their children will get to pay for them as well. Then after that you can explain to them why China and Saudi Arabia – countries that do not like us are now calling the shots in the US of A because they bought all of our debt.

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