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Kathleen Falk Deserves Your Vote For Dane County Executive

March 26, 2009

I have known Kathleen Falk for many years, (before her elected service) first meeting her at a wedding for one of my dearest friends.  Later that evening as she sat  at our table with then State Representative Peter Bock,  I was instantly struck with how wide-ranging her interests were, and how she was grounded in so many topics.  First impressions mean a lot to me, and she registered on my radar as someone that I wanted to know more about.  Fortunately for Dane County we have come to know much about her, and now deeply appreciate her leadership.  The thing that I will never forget about our first meeting was how she was interested in what I had to say, and was as much a good listener as she was a lively conversationalist.  That quality is the same one that I have experienced with her every time we have talked. 

She is real, sincere, and one of the things we can point to with pride when we speak of Dane County.

Last week as James and I were raking the lawn after winter’s slow retreat a new person to the neighborhood stopped for a few minutes to talk.  He asked me how I would describe Kathleen Falk, so to better understand as a new voter the choice he needed to make on April 7th.  Without missing a beat, or working on her campaign and having something memorized, I rattled them off.  

Experienced.  Intelligent. Compassionate. Fiscally-prudent.  Environmentalist.

What more could he ask for? 

As I speak with people around me about the County Executive race two factors seem to dominate.  Experience and intellect.

As residents of Dane County we are aware of  Kathleen Falk’s abilities, and her strong desire to get the issues solved for the people.  Her record of  accomplishments, such as the creation of the cost-saving drug court, support for human services, efforts to stem Dane County’s alcohol abuse, and the continual fighting for the natural beauty we enjoy speaks far more than the heated political rhetoric of her snippy opponent, Nancy Mistele.   Being bombastic is not a quality I seek out to find in my candidates for serious office.  I suspect most of my fellow citizens of Dane County feel the same.

We here in Dane County need someone who is ready to work on the issues we face, rather than pump out political press releases, and just whine about the way things are.  Mistele seems more intent on making a conservative make-over of  county politics, than addressing the needs that confront Dane County.  I am not looking for a  ‘political Godmother’ but rather a County Executive with experience, and the ability to be a coalition builder, as Falk has demonstrated successfully year-after-year.

Mistele has struck many as the local equivalent of Sarah Palin.  And rightfully so.  Her continual one-note attacks, lack of serious intellect, unawareness of so many issues all leads many of us to fear that the great life that we live here in Dane County will be less-so if she were to win, and able to apply her ‘skills’.

In these tough economic times when even Dane County feels the buffeting winds of housing woes, and stock market volatility it is clear that there needs to be a capable and effective leader to steer us through the tough times.  Kathleen Falk is the right person to be in charge as Dane County Executive.  Her temperament and background makes her best suited to the challenges we now face.

Kathleen Falk deserves our support and vote on April 7th.

Oh yeah, and she will always listen to you when you talk.

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