Free Mulch From City Of Madison

I was going to post this on Sunday but the snow seemed to make the news about free mulch from the City of Madison a cruel joke.  So I waited until today, and want to insure any gardeners that this is a remarkable deal.  For the past two years, since becoming homeowners, we have used a friend’s pick-up truck to haul the mulch to our place, and then distribute it to the flower beds.  (The city fills a pick-up truck for you with a front-end loader.) This year we undertook the task on Friday, and dumped five truck loads on the front lawn.  We completed the job of distributing it just as there was enough light to put the rakes back into the storage shed.  As is the case in the past the mulch is really quite small in size, and there are lots of pine pieces that add a comforting smell to the air.  In fact, after the snows started to melt on Sunday there was a real pine scent at our home.  The mulch is not only a great addition to the look of your flower gardens but also allows moisture retention throughout the season.  And we find every year that the birds are crazy about stopping by for just the right piece for their nests, so it is fun to see their antics in the yard too as result of the mulching.

(Don’t let the words below about mulch possibily not being in stock deter you…..there are mountains of it available at this time.)

You will need to bring a shovel and containers to load and haul the material.

The Street Division tries to keep these sites stocked with wood mulch.  However, we cannot guarantee that mulch will be available at all times.  If there is no mulch available, you can check another site or try back on another date.

It is possible to have large amounts of wood mulch loaded into your truck at our processing center at 121 E. Olin Av.  The facility is open M-F from 7:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Please call 266-4911 prior to coming to the site.

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