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President Obama Racks Up Frequent Flier Miles

March 31, 2009

The nation can be proud that we are sending an intelligent and forward thinking President to represent our nation at the meetings to held overseas.  The travel agenda is packed full, and the stamina level will be tested even for an energetic and robust leader such as ours.   Some are likening this first foreign trip by President Obama to the one taken by President Kennedy to Berlin.  The world has high hopes, as we all do.  Safe travels, Mr . President.  You do us proud.

KNOLLER’S NUGGET, from CBS’s Mark Knoller: President Obama will have six legs on Air Force One totaling 10,997 miles: Andrews AFB to London: 3,674 miles … London to Strasbourg, France: 401 miles … Strasbourg to Prague, Czech Republic: 322 miles … Prague to Ankara, Turkey: 1,134 miles … Ankara to Istanbul, Turkey: 217 miles … Istanbul to Andrews AFB: 5,229 miles

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