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How Are Queen Elizabeth And Jack ‘Will And Grace’ McFarland Alike?

April 1, 2009

I was a bit taken aback when I heard the following today.

The Queen of England gave President Obama a silver-framed, signed photograph of herself and her husband, Prince Philip, which is reported to be a standard present for visiting dignitaries.  Granted it may be standard, but it is lame.  Way lame!

It reminds me of Jack McFarland from the NBC hit comedy “Will and Grace” who gave out framed pictures of himself to friends for their birthdays.  Surely there must be better and more meaningful memory that the Queen of England can give than a PR shot of herself and her side-kick of a husband.

How about  a snap shot of the inside of her purse and its contents….now that would be a keepsake.

Or a tour of the hat collection……..

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