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Mass Death In Gun Violence In New York State

April 3, 2009

And again we have more gun violence.

 Hospitals in the area postponed all elective surgeries and called in extra personnel to staff their emergency rooms.

A dozen people or more may be shot at a public assistance office in Binghamton, NY, northwest of New York City and southwest of Albany. Mutiple deaths have been reported, and hostages were taken.

The shooting happened at the American Civic Association building. It assists refugees and immigrants with re-locating to the United States, helping them find housing and jobs.

The shooter is believed to be an Asian male is his 20’s who locked at least one door to the facility, hampering those inside who were trying to escape the gunfire.

What horror.

According to police reports, more than 40 hostages were in the building — 15 in a closet and 26 in the boiler room. Sharp shooters from the Binghamton SWAT team were poised outside the building at 131 Front Street. The Endicott police bomb squad is also at the scene.

Scanner reports just before 1:30 p.m. indicate that police were asking 26 people in the Civic Association to lie on the floor with the hands above their heads.

Shortly after noon, about 10 people were released from the building, with hands on their heads. The police searched some of them. Around 12:40 p.m., another 10 were released from the rear of the building, clad in white sheets. They were shaken and hugged each other as they boarded a BC Transit bus.

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