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Coincidence? Grandson Of Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Drowns

April 5, 2009

I think President Mugabe is a treacherous man that will stop at nothing to retain full and complete power in Zimbabwe.  I do not doubt for a minute that Mugabe is behind each of these deaths.

The 2-year-old grandson of Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai drowned in a swimming pool, barely a month after Tsvangirai’s wife died in a car crash, according to his spokesman.

The child, Sean Tsvangirai, was at Tsvangirai’s house in Harare when he was found drowned in a swimming pool Saturday afternoon.

“He had wandered off and was found later in the pool of the house,” said Tsvangirai spokesman James Maridadi.

Sean will be buried Monday in Tsvangirai’s home village of Buhera, where Tsvangirai’s wife Susan was buried last month after dying in an automobile crash March 6.

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