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Plane Scare Over Madison Creates Unsettling News Photo Illustration

April 6, 2009

No matter the news event or crisis there are  the colorful graphics which are created to give the news networks and websites a sense of the immediacy of a late-breaking story.  They are designed to grab the viewer or reader and hold them to a story.  We have seen this countless times, but when the crisis is in the Middle East, or New York the image has less of a feeling of shock.  But when the Madison Capitol Sqaure was buttoned down late Monday, and the Statehouse evacuated, there was a sense of dread that could not be escaped.  There was a plane in the air headed, it was reported, in our direction, with the intent of the pilot unclear.  One part of  our brain knew the odds were that everything would be fine, but another part that is now all to conscious of the world in which we live, was not so sure.   


The ABC News graphic illustration which accompanied their story of the stolen Cessena from southern Canada, and the  forced precautionary moves by Wisconsin officials, was something we had not seen before.  The sense of dread that comes with the threat of terrorism was clear in the graphic with the F-16’s bearing down on Wisconsin in hunt of  a plane whose mission was unknown.  We have seen these news illustrations for other events, but this time the drawing was about us.  And it felt very strange to see it.

We live in a new age where the bad news that supposedly only takes place to other people in other places, now can also very much happen to us.  It is unsettling to consider that the danger which we see happening to others might also happen in our backyard.  Not a comforting thought to be sure, but it might  make us more in tune with the realities that other folks know all too well.

  1. arnie permalink
    April 7, 2009 11:36 AM

    At least our northern borders are protected!

  2. solly permalink
    April 7, 2009 11:27 AM

    what good are guns or missles on these planes if we’re not going to use them?

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