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My Reaction To Tax Increase Opponents In Illinois

April 7, 2009

I have a few thoughts after listening to a spirited conversation on  Chicago radio over proposed tax increases for that state.

Being from Wisconsin where we face a roughly $5 billion dollar budget gap I understand the frustration over these matters.  Regardless of the state in question there are needs that must be met, and simply to remove the taxing portion of the solution from the table is just not a rationale way to proceed.

I know I have upset many simply with that limited remark.

So I ask you to offer ways that the budget in your state can be brought in line without tax increases.  To say that free bus service be cut for seniors sounds like we have eliminated about what (?) .3% of the red ink.  That leaves 99.7% to go.

At some point in times like these when state revenues shrink be mindful that the cuts do not take long before they hit the bone.  Should state colleges be denied funds so that tuition needs to increase sharply?  How about closing all state parks to save money?  Should in-home nursing services be cut for the elderly who wish to stay in their homes?   The unemployed will need re-training in many cases to place them in new jobs, or should we just apply Darwin’s laws to the down-and-out? 

Government is about making choices, and in these hard times there are no good ones.  Only ones that are less awful than the others.

The first reaction far too often to tax increases is to reject the notion.   After all, since 1980 we have had the relentless political one-note response to fiscal matters of ‘never raise taxes, only cut them’.  Ever consider that this is not the proper way to run a government, or keep the trains running on time?

When a man like Governor Pat Quinn explains the need for a tax increase I would think he might be allowed the respect of having looked at the matter with care, and then deemed it essential.  Might he be right? 

In Wisconsin we have a massive structural shortfall that is truly alarming.  I will not tell you tax increases are fun, but I will tell you that sometimes they are needed.

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  1. Thomas J Canton permalink
    April 8, 2009 8:39 AM

    Did you know???

    That in Cook County (where I live) we presently pay 10 1/4% sales tax. The highest in the nation..

    We are presently paying for Richie Daley’s 2016 Summer Olympics fantasy with our property tax dollars..

    That the estimate by the Better Government Association that 40% of the tax dollars in Cook County raised go to graft, kickbacks and corruption.

    The government needs to clean itself up first kick out the ghost payrollees, the patronage jobs and the entitlement government jobs (Hello, Mr. Stroger!!!) then come to me and say we need more of your paycheck…

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