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This Is Why Newspapers Matter…Reason #714

April 8, 2009

Let us see why the Minneapolis Star Tribune matters.

In the Hollywood image of journalism, reporters like me run in noisy packs, elbowing each other to ask the snarkiest “gotcha” question. I suppose that may actually happen. I do a far more boring job. I think it’s worth doing.
For example, a little over a year ago the Star Tribune agreed to send me, day after day, to a cubbyhole in a small government office. There, alone, I sifted through piles of reports about old industrial waste sites. It took weeks, and much help later from others on the Star Tribune’s staff, but eventually the paper
reported something nobody knew. Groundwater fouled by chemicals lies beneath vast sections of the Twin Cities. The affected zones are equivalent to an area 2½ times the size of Minneapolis.

People who live in the 35 communities above these zones had a right to know.

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  1. Skip permalink
    April 9, 2009 4:40 PM

    No, this is not an argument on why newspapers matter, it’s an argument why journalists matter.

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