Pictures Of Mom Shooting Her Son, Before Killing Herself

Too many hear about gun violence, and seem unfazed at the death these weapons create everyday.   Here is a young man about to be killed by a handgun.  A handgun in the hands of his own mother.  I post this as I think we need to see stuff like this, as disgusting and reprehensible as it is.  At some point there has to be something that will tip the tide of apathy in this nation, and again make us FEEL something about the tragedy that happens every day due to handguns.  Watch the news video in the second part to understand why more regulations of handguns are needed.

CIA ‘No Longer’ Using Secret Prisons

Moving into the future in a way the world can respect… can we!

The CIA is “no longer” operating secret prisons used by the intelligence agency to interrogate terror suspects, and plans to shut all remaining “black sites,” the spy agency’s director said Thursday.

The statement by the Central Intelligence Agency chief confirmed the spy service was carrying out an order from President Barack Obama to shut down the secret prisons that have been condemned at home and abroad as a flagrant violation of human rights.

“CIA no longer operates detention facilities or black sites and has proposed a plan to decommission the remaining sites,” CIA director Leon Panetta said in a letter sent to agency employees.

“I have directed our agency personnel to take charge of the decommissioning process and have further directed that the contracts for site security be promptly terminated,” he said.

Revelations about the “black sites” overseas, including in countries such as Iraq where there is a risk of torture, caused international outrage during former president George W. Bush‘s tenure.

In one of his first decisions after taking office in January, Obama ordered the closure of the secret prisons as well as the controversial “war on terror” detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Rights groups and media reports have alleged the secret prisons were located in Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland, Romania and in former Yugoslavia, as well as at sites in the Horn of Africa and on US Navy ships.