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Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Feeling Heat Of Rod Blagojevich Inquiry

April 10, 2009

The Rod Blagojevich story has once again (or still) places Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. in a most uncomfortable and precarious position.

Federal authorities have questioned a former chief of staff to ex- Gov. Rod Blagojevich and other cooperating witnesses about an attempt by friends of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to raise funds for Blagojevich to encourage him to pick Jackson for the U.S. Senate, sources said.

A federal grand jury investigating alleged corruption in the Blagojevich administration is expected to hear from witnesses about the fundraising effort in coming weeks, sources said.

Federal prosecutors allege Blagojevich, who was indicted last week on corruption charges, was considering awarding the seat to Jackson in return for a Jackson associate offering $1.5 million in campaign cash.

Covert recordings of Blagojevich last fall allegedly captured the then-governor suddenly going from cold to hot on naming Jackson to replace President Barack Obama in the Senate. Prosecutors allege Blagojevich told aides he had been promised something tangible and immediate to name Jackson to the seat—namely money—and that he was leaning toward appointing Jackson.

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  1. Rod permalink
    April 10, 2009 9:39 AM

    Your column Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Feeling Heat Of Rod Blagojevich Inquiry reminded me that we were laughing during the WGN news the other night when Jesse Sr. was reported to not be commenting on this situation because he is not one to jump into the middle of and stir up controversy! Since when?

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