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Follow Space Station, Hubble Telescope…Even Lost Tool Bag…With Google Earth

April 11, 2009

Recall that lost tool bag that was left floating in space during a space walk outside the space station last year?  Ever wonder where it is now?  

I was looking at Google Earth and found a site for not only locating the orbits and location of the international space station, and the Hubble telescope, but also the TOOL BAG that was lost in space.  This is a hoot….though I suspect less amusing to the guy responsible for creating space litter. 

The site is real easy to browse, and lets you zoom in and out using hybrid mode, and with this you can see where the space station is right down to street level!  I made it even easier for my readers with a link for each.  Enjoy!

Check this site station……..Hubble……..tool bag……..

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  1. Richard Day permalink
    April 23, 2009 3:01 PM

    I came across your site, and the easy links to the Station and Hubble T. current orbits.

    I know there is a place where I could find when the best viewing of both would be from my home.. i.e., e.t.a. of when it will be somewhere. Do you happen to know where that would be located?

    Thanks in advance,

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