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John Demjanjuk Should Be On Plane To Germany (Warning: Graphic Detail)

April 14, 2009


Drop The Nasty Nazi To The Pavement And Walk On Him….Give Him The Same Pity As He Gave To The  870,000 who Died At Treblinka.

Do any of my readers recall Pat Buchanan defending John Demjanjuk?  If you do then you too have followed this man and his legal story for a very long time.  Too damn long.  There is no justice while John Demjanjuk sits in America.  He should never have been allowed to return to these shores, and his frail body should have been carted onto a plane today bound for trial and prison in Germany.  There should be no rest in this country for “Ivan The Terrible”.  I was stunned to hear this man still sits here in this land.  For all the so-called ‘outrages’……well….this is the real thing.

A U.S. appeals court halted the deportation of accused Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk on Tuesday and he was freed from custody just hours after immigration agents carried him out of his Ohio home to send him to Germany for trial.

“He went through a lot of pain today in the transportation,” John Demjanjuk Jr. said of his 89-year-old father. (The gas chambers for the Jews were not painless either.)

“But he’s nevertheless relieved to be home rather than on a plane to Germany, and we’re very grateful that the federal 6th Circuit Court of Appeals sees the merit in our appeal to have this reviewed and this inhumane action put to a stop.”

Earlier, agents descended on his suburban home, brought in a doctor and, after a check, loaded the retired auto worker into a van in his wheelchair as his weeping wife stood by. A priest was present briefly before he was escorted out.

He had been scheduled to be flown immediately to Munich, where he faces charges in the deaths of 29,000 Jews but instead was taken to a federal building in downtown Cleveland.

A Justice Department spokesman said it “will continue to litigate this matter in court.”

Prosecutors in Germany accuse him of being an accessory in 1943 killings at Sobibor death camp, where he is alleged to have personally led Jews to the gas chambers at the camp in Polish territory then occupied by Nazi Germany.

Lest we forget what happened at Treblinka, and part of the testimony against “Ivan The Terrible”, please continue reading.

The Gas Chamber Body – Disposal Team


This group of several dozen men had the job of removing the bodies from the gas chambers and taking them through the rear doors to the concrete ramps built alongside the chambers. There they laid the bodies for removal by the body transport team.


The body-disposal team’s work was the hardest physically and emotionally. After gassing, the hundreds of people packed standing up in the gas chambers became a solid block of bodies. Separating and removing them was extremely difficult.


At times the workers who entered the chambers immediately after they were opened were themselves poisoned by the residue of gas remaining there.


The Gas Chamber and Tube Cleaners


This group cleaned the blood and excrement off the floor and walls of the gas chambers, as the chambers had to be clean before introducing a new group of victims. This group also cleaned the tube and scattered fresh sand on the ground.



The Body Transport Team (Leichenkommando)


This was the largest prisoner work team in the extermination area, comprising some hundred men. Its task was to carry the bodies from the ramps/ platforms of the gas chambers to the mass burial ditches.


After experimenting withvarious methods of conveying the bodies, in Treblinka the Germans fixed upon stretchers as the fastest way. Two men carried the stretcher, which looked like a ladder with leather carrying straps. The bodies were placed on the stretchers face up to facilitate the work of the Dentisten.


Elihau Rosenberg testified at the Ivan the Terrible trial:


I managed to make a friend of one of the Dentisten by name of Lindwasser, who has since died.


Now when I came to Lindwasser , this Dentisten, he too, was scared to death. I said, Avraham , be a little slower in looking for the gold teeth, because that was one second when I could rest. Somehow I rested the stretcher on my knees, because I was crouching as it were. For me this one second made all the difference. It did give me this tiny bit of respite.


Later he became one of the Bademeisters, the shower cleaners, who washed the chambers and cleaned the ramp between gassings. Sitting there on the ramp, he saw Ivan and Nikolai perform their tasks and heard death come to those inside the chambers.  



The Dentists (Dentisten)


The prisoner work team known as the Dentistenwas located between the gas chambers and the burial ditches. It numbered about twenty to thirty men whose job was to extract, with pliers, the gold, platinum, and false teeth from the corpses.

The dentists also examined the bodies, especially those of the women, for valuables hidden in the body orifices.

Part of the team worked at cleaning and sorting the extracted teeth and preparing them for shipment.

  1. April 17, 2009 3:02 PM

    So here I am reading some comments that have come into the blog and I read this……

    “Don’t you realize, Deke, that Jews like you….”


  2. owlminerva permalink
    April 17, 2009 2:42 PM

    i have been following this. I think anyone that is still out there and guilty of nazi crimes, regardless how old they are, should be brought to court. That is #1. However, there should also be justification for indicting somebody. This is a very weird case. Dozens of witnesses were sure he was ivan the terrible. But then pictures of the real, very dead ivan the terrible surfaced and so Israel had to let him go, as Demjanjuk was obviously not ivan the terrible . On the other hand, there are these russian documents (could be faked or could not be faked)that have him working at Sobibor at that time, something that seems more likely, but there are no eyewitness for this. Nobody has ever seen him there. So what to do?

  3. April 17, 2009 2:07 PM

    Oh please…..

    Back in the trial against Demjanjuk in Israel, about 18 years ago, his attorneys claimed that we are dealing with an elderly and sick man. It is odd how this elderly and sick man has been able to stay alive to this day, and use this as his defense again.

    All the world community wants after years of planned foot-dragging by his people, is for him to face justice in Munich over his actions as an SS man in the Sobibor and Trawniki camps, where he did not at all show any mercy to the elderly or the disabled.

    The rotten bastard needs to be found guilty and punished for his crimes. BTW, I hope he sits in his own fecal matter for a time each day.

  4. Rodrigo Mendoza permalink
    April 17, 2009 1:37 PM

    The righteous indignation and moral superiority that you demonstrate hardly justify deporting an 89 year Ukrainian man to Germany. Demjanjuk was originally falsely charged with being “Ivan the Terrible” who ran the diesel exhaust gas chambers of Treblinka. He was found not guilty by the Israeli Supreme court and sent back to the United States. Now, Demjanjuk is charged with a similar crime only in a different location altogether. Memories seem quite faulty 60 years later. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  5. April 17, 2009 10:12 AM


    You are a sick twisted little prick.

    It is only because I am better than you that I will allow this to be posted as a comment…..but this will be your last say on my site.

    You and your ilk have tried this rot for decades and the only way you can try to make inroads is with complete distortions and putrid lies. By placing your vile here I showcase the depths of mental instability that you carry in the gnat-size thing you call a brain.

    Now be gone with you.

  6. Benton L. Bradberry permalink
    April 17, 2009 9:24 AM


  7. April 16, 2009 9:22 AM

    Your sense of history and morality is wrong, and highly disturbing. Just be glad I am big enough to post your comment, and that I also know my readers are educated enough to cut through your crap.

  8. Benton L. Bradberry permalink
    April 16, 2009 8:17 AM

    The war has been over for 64 years. Some 55 million people were killed in it, a small percentage of them Jews. All combatant nations have since made peace with each other — but not the Jews! Germany and Japan are now among our staunchest allies. No German is out stalking down the pilots who dropped bombs on innocent civilians during the war. No Japanese is seeking revenge over the atom bombs dropped on their cities. Nobody in the world is doing that,…except the Jews. Christians are taught to forgive our enemies and to seek forgiveness for our own transgressions. Christ’s contribution to the world was that he told us that we should stop the endless cycle of revenge and retribution and forgive our enemies. Turn the other cheek, he told us. The culture of the Jews is an Old Testament vengence culture. When will it ever end? The Israeli Mossad (equivalent to our CIA)is still tracking down 95 year old German officers and summarily executing them (murdering them). What the Jews are doing to Demjanjuk is disgusting. He was a 23 year old young man when and if he was a guard at some concentration camp. He was no different from millions of other young men in uniform at the time. He did what he was told to do and went where he was assigned. The only reason Demjanjuk is even an item of interest is because of Jewish vengence. Like Shylock, they want their pound of flesh! When are these people ever going to stop wailing about the “Holocaust?” (Not as long as it’s still profitable, is the answer.) What makes Jewish deaths more important than the millions of others who died in the war? When are the rest of us ever going to stop being manipulated by these Jews out to get revenge, no matter how long it takes, and make a few bucks at the same time? My uncle was killed in the war. Should I be out trying to identify the Japanese soldier that did it so that I can track him down and kill him? Would my government pay me to do that? The Israeli government pays it’s killers (Mossad) to do that.

  9. Ralph permalink
    April 15, 2009 12:35 PM

    Great column! Yes, John Demjanjuk Should Be On Plane To Germany. Years ago. When I first heard of this new delay reported on MSNBC this morning, I could not believe the audacity of his family to say that sending him back to Germany is an inhumane action.

  10. RailPro permalink
    April 15, 2009 10:47 AM


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