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Spring Starts April 18th….Really…With Dane County Farmers Market

April 17, 2009


With the dawn breaking across the Madison Isthmus on Saturday morning, April 18th, spring will ‘officially’ arrive.  Maybe not in accordance with what the calendar lists as the starting point for spring, but for those of us who live through long harsh winters we know one event truly ushers in the warm season.

The Dane County Farmers Market.

With partly sunny skies, highs in the low 70’s, and only slight chance for showers late on Saturday the first market of the season around the Statehouse will be perfect!  Donuts, salad fixings, donuts, flowers, donuts, garden plants, and don’t forget the donuts.

There are so many reasons to attend the market each week through November 7th.   From meeting friends for coffee, and a stroll around the square while making purchases, to people watching while admiring the great downtown attractions of  Madison.  We all are blessed to call this city home and fortunate to be able to enjoy this most wonderful event, so make the most of it, and live the day fully.

And ‘Happy Spring’ to you!

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