Pictures Of Season’s First Dane County Farmers’ Market

Sunshine and plenty of people made for a grand opening of the much-loved Dane County Farmers’ Market on the Madison Isthmus.  My favorite picture is the last one.


No matter how you say it there are still not enough words to describe the grandeur of the home to state government.


The Madhatters from the UW-Madison performed and promised to ‘stimulate your economic package’  if you bought a ticket to their upcoming show.


I must say this was a new sight on the lawn of the Statehouse…look closely.  There was no organized activity around it, so I am not sure what  group arranged for this. Quite sure Annie Gaylor was not anywhere  near!


We all need to be an expert in something, and I have chosen the donut tasting category to pad my resume with.  NO doubt….these are the VERY best finds on the square year-in and year-out.


The ultimate bird house making material.


Just hanging out with my friends.


“Life is good.  I have clean diapers on, a cookie to eat,  was able to get some breathing room from the parents up there with that stupid wagon that just annoys all the other folks, and this rope is fun to hang onto as I walk……how great to be here.”

Saturday Song: Kitty Wells “Waltz Of The Angels”