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UW-Stevens Point Chancellor Linda Bunnell Resigns, Drinking And Driving A Major Reason Why

April 23, 2009

I think there are many factors at play here in the news that happened today, but the final large nail was obviously drinking and driving.    I am heartened that Chancellor Linda Bunnell took the action she did.  Unless she had anted up, and admitted what she did, then this was going to just continue on and on.  Last week I offered my take on this matter, and find it sad to have this happen to a UW-Chancellor, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere with drinking and driving. 

A central Wisconsin university chancellor announced her resignation Thursday after a series of conflicts with students and donors and questions about how she handled a traffic accident.

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Chancellor Linda Bunnell said she is stepping down May 31. Since 2004, the 66-year-old Bunnell has led the school of 9,100 students known for its environmental programs.

Her problems grew in February after she hit an unoccupied parked car with her state vehicle and was ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident.

She acknowledged to The Associated Press last week that she purchased three alcoholic drinks in the two hours before the crash. She said she was not impaired and had consumed only one of the beverages — an explanation that was widely mocked.

Directors of the university’s fundraising arm also were angry that Bunnell fired the school’s chief fundraiser last fall without consulting them. Some of them complained she was spending too much on travel and entertainment expenses.

The Student Senate, meanwhile, voted 15-0 for a resolution expressing no-confidence in her leadership following the car accident. Student leaders said they had butted heads with Bunnell over several issues for months.

Bunnell announced her resignation in an e-mail to the campus community but did not address her reasons for stepping down. She said she was proud of achievements such as increasing diversity among students, implementing a campus master plan for physical growth and expanding some academic programs.

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  1. Hubert Jones permalink
    April 24, 2009 5:37 AM

    They took her out. She will be ok. She is 66 and walks away with at least one year’s salary under her belt, perhaps more $. Now she can retire and live off Wisconsin. Lets take out UW System President Reilly and his gangster lawyers.

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