360 More American Families

As it should be.

As final numbers come in from county recorders, at least 360 same-sex couples have applied for marriage licenses in Iowa, with the heaviest concentrations in Linn, Polk, Scott and Johnson counties, according to information collected by The Des Moines Register. The tally so far includes 26 out-of-state couples, according to a survey of county recorders. The Register is still gathering its data, but afternoon figures show that the greatest number of applications so far is in Polk County, which has logged 83. Johnson County has seen 40 applications so far, Scott County has seen at least 18, and 40 couples have applied for marriage licenses in Linn County. Today was the first day same-sex couples could since the April 3 Iowa Supreme Court opinion that struck down a state law that said marriage was only between a man and a woman.

3 thoughts on “360 More American Families

  1. Thomas J Canton

    I heard sound bites on the first gay civil union done yesterday in Iowa on the radio. What is not “As it should be” is the person officating the ceremony saying that “May God bless this marriage”. Maybe the state of Iowa and the judges who made this decision bless it but, tell me where in the bible it says God blesses a same sex civil union.

    Take God out of the civil unions ceremony.

    1. To be honest, your comment here is down-right remarkable for the scope of ‘righteousness’ that you seem to think you own, and can distribute as you deem appropriate. If I did not know you better I would think this some type of humor that was not spun well in written form.

      You do not own God, or any part of God. You do not have the right to tell anyone how they can get married, who they can marry, what the marriage ceremony can entail, or what use of God is employed at the time the marriage bonds are made that united two loving people into one.

      Really Tom, that is WAY above your pay grade.

      Last week you moaned about churches and gay marriages, and now complain about gay marriages that took place outside a church.

      Given your deep resentment of the way things in this nation are proceeding I am starting to think you might just be a gay bigot. Nothing you have written would make me think otherwise; in fact everything you keep writing only makes me think that you are indeed a homophobe.

      Now, I know you are bitter about the way things are moving away from you, and the other like-minded people that you seem to gravitate towards for comfort. The train is leaving for the future, but you are free to stay mired to the past. But know that when you do that you limit the enrichment of growing as a person to a whole series of life expereinces and friendships. I say that since most folks such as myself do not avail themselves to those who not only harbor, but also demonstrate, outright bigotry in the manner that you have here on my blog.

      I say all this not in anger, but more sadness. I guess I thought at the outset that you were different from other conservatives, in that you thought about things, and though we disagreed, was still a person that I thought respected me. But over the past weeks, and now today, I do not feel that way. And as my mother use to say, ‘you can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube.’ In other words you have made it clear where you stand, and how in your ‘christian’ view of the world gay Americans are placed.

      Whatever ‘internet highway friendship’ we had on this blog is really over. Feel free to comment all you desire, but things will not be the same, as I now know where I stand in relation to you. You have repeatedly made that clear.

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