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Mid-Continent Railway Museum Train Rides Back On Track For Mother’s Day

April 27, 2009

I hear the train a comin’,

It’s rollin’ round the bend


After dealing with the effects from the 2008 spring floods there is a new day dawning for the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom, Wisconsin.  Starting on May 8th the historic trains will again carry passengers on a 50-minute excursion into the the countryside for the charm, and nostalgia that comes with the full-throttled sound of an engine’s “CHHHOOOOOO…….CCHHHHOOOOOOOO”.  In addition for just the weekend of May 8th-10th there is the chance to choose between coach, first class, or dinner car services.    You can make reservations at the link provided, or call 1-800-930-1385.

Being that it is Mother’s Day weekend, this may be the ideal time for a special outing on the train.  The train will be using authentic old-train recipes, and using china in the dinner car.  Choice of entrees are sure to suit all tastes. 

It has been a long hard climb back from the flood damage of 2008 to this point, and the numerous volunteers and contributors are to applauded for their work and effort. 

How do I get to North Freedom to hear  the fantastic sound of the train, and the chance to browse through the railroad museum?

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