Senator Susan Collins, Flu Pandemic, And The Economy

What does fighting a flu pandemic have to do with the national economy?  Maybe Republican Senator Susan Collins can see the answer now.

3 thoughts on “Senator Susan Collins, Flu Pandemic, And The Economy

  1. I still think this is just a partisan cheap-shot. The stories don’t bother to explain just how the $870 million would increase our pandemic preparedness. If the $870 million had been for school D.A.R.E. programs, and Susan Collins voted to cut it, would the left-wingnuts say that Collins is causing kids to get hooked on drugs? I suspect at least a few would say that, despite the fact that studies have shown no statistical difference in future drug abuse rates between kids who participate in a D.A.R.E. program and those who do not. Before condeming Collins and implying that she is responsible for the spread of the new Mexican swine flu virus, the media needs to do some homework and explain exactly how that $870 million is to be used. “Pandemic preparedness” is much more vague than “volcano monitoring.”

    1. The money would have been the last portion of a $7 billion program started by George Bush four years ago to prepare in the event of flu pandemic. As I heard on the radio again today there was a desire by Bush and Congress to have enough vaccine by 2011 to cover every American within six months of a situation taking place that would make this a needed outome. Congress already has approved more than $6 billion for the program. The money, in my mind, was needed. I posted this not as a cheap shot, but as one who feels these types of programs, and this one especially, are needed. Short-cutting public health is never a good idea.

      I wish in my rush to get something posted before I needed to run, I had been more content oriented in my own part of the write-up on my post, and for that I take full blame.

  2. So the money would be used to build vaccine production facilities? Flu vaccines can’t be stockpiled for very long, because the virus keeps mutating and making the vaccines obsolete. I sincerely hope the money will be used to build government-run facilities and fund CDC research, rather than given to big PHARMA for “research” — they will simply use the funds to market old drugs for new, less suitable purposes.

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