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Vinyl Records Making Comeback At Best Buy

April 28, 2009

I feel younger again just reading this. 


Vinyl records have begun to make a slight resurgence, or at least enough of one to warrant a little shelf space in Best Buy.  It turns out that while CD sales have dropped about 20-percent in the last few years, vinyl sales have only increased.  According to the numbers, vinyl record sales increased 15-percent in 2007, 89-percent in 2008 and are expected to increase even more this year.  I know this sounds strange, after all, many geeks feel that the CD is dead, much less vinyl.  However, in 2008 there were 1.9 million vinyl records sold, and already 670,000 in 2009.  It turns out that these numbers are enough to show Best Buy that people still want vinyl and they have begun a pilot program.

The program is planned to begin at 100 stores across the US.  It was noted that the vinyl section would be about 8 square feet of space and contain about 200 albums.  That compares to the total 16-20 square feet of space dedicated to music, which generally includes about 8,000 CDs.  Assuming the test goes well, then Best Buy has plans to add a vinyl section to each of their stores.  And just in case you were wondering how much a vinyl album goes for these days—roughly $22.95. 

Roy Acuff would not understand that price, but…….

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