New Hampshire Will Send Same-Sex Marriage Bill To Governor Lynch

Just in this afternoon.

The New Hampshire state Senate voted today to officially recognize same-sex marriage in the state. The bill passed by a 13-11 vote, and must still pass the state House before being sent to Gov. John Lynch for signature. The Senate measure distinguishes between religious and civil marriage ceremonies, a provision which might be able to win support among more conservative opponents of gay marriage.

Gov. Lynch has said in the past he believes the word marriage refers specifically to a union between a man and a woman, but has not said he would veto legislation legalizing same-sex marriage. He is quoted as saying today, in response to the Senate vote “I still believe the fundamental issue is about providing the same rights and protections to same-sex couples as are available to heterosexual couples”. 

New Hampshire would become the 5th state in the Union to recognize same-sex marriages as legal, after Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa and Vermont. Vermont was the first state where the legislature established the legality, overriding a governor’s veto. In the other three, the states’ Supreme Courts ruled that same-sex unions were legal and must be recognized.

6 thoughts on “New Hampshire Will Send Same-Sex Marriage Bill To Governor Lynch

  1. notscarednews

    EDITOR’S NOTE By DEKERIVERS….Just to show that I do not limit free speech I let the following be posted…..

    I have to make it public. It’s suppose to be secret, however most people in Austin, Tx knows about it. The police department has machine that can read your mind. A machine that can read someone’s mind will be used to violate EVERYONE’S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! It can also change the way you feel. Sexual impulses, anger, and paranoia are all feelings they can induce to you at their fingertips. This means it can cause a girl or boy to feel sexual, and get raped thinking they wanted to. Its like a drug. This is just one of the many crimes they commit with this machine RIGHT NOW!!!! They are using it right now to spy on their citizens RIGHT NOW!!! People will be spied on in there homes, without a warrant. (this means someone will be able to watch you during sex without your knowledge.) There are a lot of people all over the United States knowing about this machine. The police department is able to use it to spy on people in their own home. During interrogation they keep a person dazed, confused and not sound of mind to cohersed them into making certain statements. This is a violation of these people’s constitutional rights. Start thinking about how the government has given the police department a weapon to commit not only one of the biggest civil and constitutional rights violations of all time, but to commit war crimes such as rape, brainwashing, and toturing people without the victim’s knowledge. I know it is hard to believe, however if you happen to know someone in the police department who cares for you enough, just ask if they have a machine that can read and control people’s mind. After that, I would also like people to think about how we are able to get the government to stop letting the police department violate the people’s civil and constitutional rights, and committing war crimes against there own citizens. Major media companies have knowledge of this, but are not willing to broadcast it. People need to find out and talk about this issue.

  2. Ferrell Gummitt

    Deke: You do know this has been held up in NH because the Governor wanted to amend it with language that protects religious groups from being forced to provide wedding ceremonies and other accommodations for gays.

  3. Wendy

    Well i think this governor is doing the WRONG thing.God made MAN & WOMEN . NOT MEN & MEN , or WOMAN OR WOMAN.
    He made us PERFECT but we are the ones that are DISOBEYING his Laws.
    There is going to be one day when our Lord will come to this world and judge us. All those who didnt obey him will suffer consewquences and get humiliated in from of everyone just like these Gay’s are making fun of Him.
    God’s word is perfect!!!

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