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President Obama’s 100 Days By The Numbers

April 29, 2009

Some fun facts as we observe the 100th day of President Obama’s time in the White House.

KNOLLER’S NUGGETS — CBS News’ Mark Knoller gives the first 100 days, by the numbers: “News Conferences: 16 — of which two were formal prime time news sessions. Most of the others were joint press availabilities with foreign leaders at home and abroad. … Speeches: 115 (at least 47 using a Teleprompter) … Cabinet Meetings: 1 … Bill Signings: 12 (bill signing ceremonies: 6) … Visits to the Capitol: 8 … Visits to Camp David: 4 (all or part of 9 days) … Visits Home To Chicago: 1 (all or part of 4 days) .. Foreign Travel: 3 trips; 9 nations … Meetings with Foreign Leaders: 34 one on one sit down meetings with heads of state and government (plus casual greetings with 24 leaders at the G20 Summit in London and 33 at the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago) …

“Flights on Marine One: 46 (plus 4 flights today) … Flights on Air Force One: 34 (plus 2 flights today … Night Outings: 8 (dinners, parties, theater, sport) … States Visited: 11 (plus Missouri today) … Proclamations: 17 … National Debt: $11.2-trillion (up $563-billion on Obama’s watch … Golf Outings: … School Visits: 4 (for policy events) … Sports Events: At least 10 (includes White House visits by championship teams and players and one visit to a pro basketball game: Wizards v. Bulls, Feb. 27).”

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  1. Thomas J Canton permalink
    April 29, 2009 4:57 PM

    President Obama hopes to celebrate his first one hundred days in office by signing a $4 trillion budget. Doesn’t that say it all? For many Americans, the prospect of soaring government spending and unprecedented deficits is cause for mourning, not celebration.

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