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Reader Comments On Why Radio Matters

May 1, 2009

I was struck today by a comment that I received on this blog.  It was from the heart, and that I guess  is the reason it hit me.  The writer comments on the retirement of  WGN morning-man Spike O’Dell this past year.  The way the writer, John Noid, writes in a folksy way sums up I think how many of us feel about radio, and the air personalities that make the hours of the day and night more enjoyable, or less lonely, or less stressful…..or whatever.  Radio is still the most intimate medium, and I think the comment below is testament to that.

Spike, I just found out you had retired this past December. While I was a working guy I caught your show just about everyday, starting with your afternoon show. After retiring myself and being busy with the grandkids I didn’t listen as much and since The Chicago Trib cut back and I couldn’t buy it in Cedar Rapids I missed lots of info about Chicago. You played my Small Town Home Town Song about Suttlif Iowa and I still have the taped clip of “my performance”. You really helped me get through my work-a-day world. If you ever get to this area my wife and I would like to buy you a beer in The Suttlif Tavern.

John Noid

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  1. grumps permalink
    May 1, 2009 6:39 PM

    WGN is getting to be tough to listen to. Garry Mayers is there but is so far past his prime that it’s a little bit sad.

    Landecker? No working for me anymore. Maybe because I’m not 17.

    There was a magic confluence of Bobby, Roy, Wally, Steve & Johnny, and Chicago Ed that made WGN a truly great station. Bringing Spike on board was serendipitous but took a while to seem a great idea.

    Not everything they’ve done has been genius. I wonder how big of a star Feldman could have been if they’d had a modicum of patience for him or even just understood that he wouldn’t thrive as half a tag team.

    Would Ian Punnett have been a worthwhile additon? He’s built a respectable audience in Nashville and in Atlanta since being shown GN’s rather stately door and he’s made a place for himself with the Art Bell crowd.

    Kathy & Judy seem to be mailing it in these days. Steve & Johhny should probably move on to trade shows and county fairs and the rest of the station’s lineup seems to be a mishmosh.

    I’ve liked John Williams since he was doing the 7PM shift at WCLO but he can’t carry the whole station. Nick Digilio and Dean Richards are great at what they do but each has enough side work that they don’t need to tie themselves to a desk.

    I seem to have rambled. Forgive me. I spent a lot of hours with WGN as my companion for most of two decades. Now it feels like that old friend who is vaguely uncomfortable to be around. You’re never quite sure if they’ve changed too much or if you have.

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