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American Soldier Begs Obama Not To Fire Him

CNN Reports on this important story.    An American soldier writes from his heart, and urges President Obama to act.

It is time that President Obama, who has demonstrated that he is most capable of dealing with the economy, Middle East peace, education, the budget and other items all at once, also place on his agenda one more item.  One that is long over-due for a resolution now.

I have been patient in this regard for the first 100 days, as I think I understand the scope of the mission that Obama is on with a whole host of issues.  But there are many hands at work in his administration, and surely a consensus can be arrived at to produce a quick resolution to this matter.  It may be just as easy as re-reading how Harry Truman dealt with African-Americans in the military.  After all this is 2009, and the answers are not so hard to grasp. 

The Department of the Army sent a letter discharging me on April 23rd. I will not lie to you; the letter is a slap in the face. It is a slap in the face to me. It is a slap in the face to my soldiers, peers and leaders who have demonstrated that an infantry unit can be professional enough to accept diversity, to accept capable leaders, to accept skilled soldiers.

Top 10 Photographs Taken By Hubble Telescope

The blast-off of Space Shuttle Atlantis on Monday was the start of something that every NASA junkie has long waited for.  Astronauts plan to capture the Hubble Telescope Wednesday, and then through a series of spacewalks will replace, and in some cases repair on the spot, many of the telescope’s scientific instruments.  Many like myself were concerned a couple years ago that the amazing telescope was going to be allowed to languish and drift.  The powerful, and almost sensuous photos taken from space would have ended.  But thankfully logic ruled, and the telescope will again be placed in orbit for more breathtaking images that defy our ability to comprehend.

Tonight as I read about the mission I found what I hope is a compelling video for my readers of the top ten photos taken by the telescope, and ranked by astronauts.  Sit back, and open to full screen on your computer, and be dazzled by the universe.  Not to be say you need to see the whole video, but the number one photo is more than the mind can wrap itself around. 

Yeah, I love the Hubble!  May your journey never cease.

Off He Goes: John Demjanjuk Deported


Alleged Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk has been deported from the US on board a plane bound for Germany.

The frail 89-year-old is due to face charges in Germany of being an accessory to the deaths of 29,000 Jews during World War II.

He denies accusations that he worked as a guard in the Sobibor Nazi death camp.

He says he was captured by the Germans in his native Ukraine during the war and kept as a prisoner of war.

The plane carrying John Demjanjuk took off from Cleveland airport on Monday evening.

US agents earlier arrived at his family home, removed Mr Demjanjuk in his wheelchair, and drove him to a federal building in Cleveland.