Newsweek Starts Anew

I applaud the move by Newsweek to create a fresh look, and head in a new direction.  I look forward to future weekly editions in my mail.  In an era where there is plenty of news (where, what, when, why,and how) I like the ‘out-of-the-box’ style of deeper reporting, and insight that Newsweek has committed itself to.

Counterintuitively, perhaps, the weekly cycle is a promising one in a world running at a digital pace. The Internet does a good job of playing the role long filled by newspapers, delivering headlines, opinions and instant analysis. Many newspapers have long been forced into a traditional newsmagazine model, with longer-form reporting and more big-picture thinking, but they still have to do it every day, and there is only so much wisdom one can summon in a few hours. As we see it, NEWSWEEK’s role is to bring you as intellectually satisfying and as visually rich an experience as the great monthlies of old did, whether it was Harold Hayes’s Esquire or Willie Morris’s Harper’s, but on a weekly basis.

One thought on “Newsweek Starts Anew

  1. Solly

    I let my subscription lapse. So now, after multiple mailings enticing me to renew, they send another one “wondering why?” I printed this article
    and wrote “I didn’t leave Newsweek, Newsweek left me” on it. I subscribed to Newsweek for 40 years. If I wanted a magazine like the Economist, I’d subscribe to the friggin’ Economist. TV Guide has become “People-light” magazine, you can barely get tv listings out of it. You know, sometimes change is not good, and imitation is crap. Ponder that over a can of New Coke!

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