Saturday Song: For WGN’s “Kathy And Judy” And Their Fans, “The Way Old Friends Do” By Abba

Each Saturday on this little bit of cyberspace I post a song.  Today there is only one selection to place here.  Just as the way the ‘girlfriends’ ended their final show yesterday, the song for today is “The Way Old Friends Do”  by Abba.  Peace to all the listeners of “Kathy and Judy.”

3 thoughts on “Saturday Song: For WGN’s “Kathy And Judy” And Their Fans, “The Way Old Friends Do” By Abba

  1. Orin Keplinger

    I, too, was deeply saddened on hearing the news that WGN’s Tom Langmyer, WGN-AM’s vice president and general manager, supports the sudden and immediate removal of Kathy & Judy from the WGN airways. These ladies have continued to give their heart-felt and thoughtful views throughout the long history of their program.

    As I understand it, their contract is up next year. In view of the recent hires by WGN, I strongly suggest that these gals be put back on the air immediately with chastened on air and online apologies from an appropriate and high-level manager who still can combine leadership skills with bottom-line skills. Use the extra time to make a strong replacement program selection that will carry on the traditions of WGN and the Land of Lincoln.

    Listeners, show your support for Kathy & Judy and WGN Radio… Show Your Support in a visual and compelling way. Teach your children about the values and merits of good radio and good Television. Explain how both will enrich their lives. Don’t accept any new host who says it is the woman’s role to accept and forgive a cheating husband so as to keep the family unit intact.

    Go to the WGN Radio Home page … At the top of that page you will see a row of links running across the bottom of the big black bar. Near the right side of these links, mouse over the Shop WGN link…. A drop-down menu appears. Mouse down the list and click on Buy WGN Apparel. You will see a big picture of Judy, John Williams, and Kathy. In the text above that picture, there is a contact phone number for the St. Andrews apparel customer service – 1-800-628-9922 Mon – Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

    I suggest everyone pick a PINK item of your choice from the clothing list and ask Customer Service to put Kathy & Judy across the back in two inch letters and/or on the front pocket… have Kathy & Judy added in bigger size letters above the usual WGN 720 logo…

    Front Pocket
    wgn 720

    On The Back
    Kathy & Judy

    For the guys, there aren’t any pink color choices that I saw on the sites, but there were a few items that offered a rose color choice. It seemed to look like a strong pink.

    And all of you can also click on the Cubs Merchandise choice in the same list, select Cubs or other team sports items that offer a logo option and request Kathy & Judy be placed across the back in place of a player name or your own name. The MLB online shop contact # is: 1-888-652-7467.

    Wear these at work, when you go with your girlfriends to stand in front of the WGN Showcase Studio Window, take a tour or attend a meeting at Tribune tower, go to sporting events like Cubs park, Sox park or other entertainment venues, and when you go shopping in the Kathy & Judy Tradition.

    As Ever, a reader and a listener:
    Orin Keplinger

  2. thedogatemyhomework

    As the previous poster noted, their contract was up in one year anyway. The current management was going to cut them lose now or later. Since it was done “now”, it had to be carried out the way it was: with no advance notice for listeners. There could have been a massive, dangerous reaction from fans if listeners had been told ahead of time. Don’t worry: they’ll probably resurface on some other station. Maybe even less locally, on Sirius XM

  3. Madge

    Kathy and Judy are each such a class act. Unlike that of WGN and several of the current show hosts. There is too much anger now on all of the shows. Growing up with WGN and Wally P, I never thought I would listen as an adult but I did and I got hooked. Those days are over. Even Garry (or however he wants to spell it) Myers and even Dean Richards are so angry. CUT IT OUT! I am so sick of the sudden anger and mean streak in you all. Again, kudos to Kathy and Judy. They were one of the only reasons that I listened. Back to XRT I guess. Even Steve Cochran

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