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Nine Years Of A Shared Road

May 24, 2009


  1. Paulette permalink
    May 24, 2009 8:48 PM

    James, that is an extremely beautiful poem.

    Happy ninth anniversary!

  2. James permalink
    May 24, 2009 12:24 PM

    Tu voz en mí despierta
    un deseo insaciable
    Abrirme al mundo
    Conocer otras realidades

    Tu belleza en mí provoca
    una lucha interna
    Dominar tus palabras
    Ser dominado por ellas

    Quiero que me seduzcas
    Posibilidades infinitas de creación
    Ruego que me desafíes
    Aprovechar la diferencias; alabar las semejanzas

    Palabra, Verbo, Amante, Amigo

    Suplico que me enseñes
    Libertad, paz, honra, y felicidad
    Deseo que para mí prediques
    Compartir el camino; caerme en brazos cariñosos

    Tu dulzura en mí fortalece
    la razón de ser
    Gozar de la vida
    Darle a mi otra todo placer

    Tu esencia en mí inspira
    celebraciones divinas
    Existir a tu lado
    O Quitarme la vida

    Your voice in me awakens
    an insatiable desire
    To open myself up to the world
    Know other realities

    Your beauty in me provokes
    an internal battle
    Command your words
    Be controlled by them

    I want that you seduce me
    Infinite possibilites of creation
    I pray that you challenge me
    To take advantage of the differences;
    laud the similarities

    Word, Verb, Lover, Friend

    I beg that you teach me
    Liberty, peace, honor and happiness
    I desire that you see in my future
    A shared road; falling into caring arms

    Your sweetness in me strengthens
    my reason for being
    Enjoy life
    Give my other every pleasure

    Your essence in me inspires
    divine celebrations
    Exist by your side
    Or take away a part of me

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