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How To Slow Down Wisconsin Budget Process

May 30, 2009

Some-days one needs the patience of Job……

Just prior to voting on a major part of the budget around 10 p.m.,( Republican Assembly State Representative)Vos attempted to read the names of every attorney listed in the phone book because he said they stood to benefit the most under the plan. He got through the As, and was starting on the Bs, before being cut off by Democratic leaders. He then started to read from the budget before being stopped again. Vos, the most loquacious member of the committee, reacted angrily saying he felt the budget was “screwing business and screwing taxpayers.”

The Republicans know all about screwing the people.

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  1. June 1, 2009 8:26 AM

    Deke, get help for your hatred.

    Republican’s don’t control a damn thing in Madison and your Democrat pals are the ones doing the screwing increasing spending by 7% and raising taxes by $3 billion in this economy.

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